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“Lightyear” is the Toy Story spin-off film that tells the story of the origin of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the famous Toy Story toy “with an intergalactic adventure full of fun that presents to the legendary Space Guardian, after an incident in which he is abandoned on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth, along with his commander and crew. Pixar Animation Studios’ 26th film has been released in theaters this week for streaming Disney Plus, with a 45-day window. Essential vision.

As described in part of the official synopsis: Buzz, try to find your way back home through space and time. To him is a group of ambitious recruits and their charming robot cat, Sox. But the mission will be threatened by the arrival of Zurg and his army of ruthless robots.

The first thing to clarify, although it is supposed to be understood, the story of this film is centered on Lightyear, the real character for the world Toy Story, from which arises the creation of a toy, as so many other toys from one character. It’s not the story of the saga toy, but the hero of what Andy was 27 years ago.

In fact, “Lightyear” begins with a message on the screen that reads: “In 1995 Andy received a toy. The toy was from his favorite movie. This is the movie. ” Somehow, what was then put in place to start a super fun adventure, which reaches the soul and heart of all fans, with a strong emotional impact that removes the feelings of the viewer to the franchise.

The story tells of the first steps of Buzz Lightyear, but the man, not the toy, and how his training as a space pilot was. In the film, viewers will be able to see the evolution of the acclaimed character and best friend of Commissioner Woody. This is a younger version, more innocent and less harsh than the Buzz we like in the first “Toy Story”.

Lightyear, the stellar command, the Rangel, the hero, is in charge. He is piloting a spaceship and making a forced landing. It crashes the ship and has no propulsion. That’s why Buzz will try thousands of times, a series of test flights to see if it achieves the necessary hyper-speed, but these 4-minute trips are equivalent to four years on the planet’s surface.

Visual impact, adventure and fun

“Lightyear” is a particularly beautiful film, full of bright colors and striking designs, everything looks great and its animation is really advanced, you can see in each picture. On the other hand, the space adventures are surprisingly ingenious and creative, every detail is thought out and cared for and in each character, from the visual, has a particular touch that distinguishes it.

This quality and particularity of the minimum detail that makes great, although it seems unnoticed has seldom been obtained in the animation. But in addition, it maintains this essence that never lost “Toy Story”, a myriad of complications and adventures in outer space.

“Light year” he wastes adventures and humor, but he is also very good at “Toy Story”, always having this sense of friendship and family as the most important thing in life, always in the context of an absolutely searchable character.

We are not dealing with a long film, it is 100 minutes long, but it takes about 40, at the beginning, to develop the story. It is from this time that he finds his rhythm to take off and become absolutely solid for the rest of the footage. Be careful not to get up from your seat when the final titles begin, because there are several post-credit scenes.

Lesbian Kissing and Lightyear Lessons

The controversy over the lesbian kiss and the ban on film in 14 countries on this issue, is something that is planted in history with absolute naturalness.

Not much to say, Alisha’s character is LGBGT + can be seen on different occasions with her family. She marries another woman, has a son, then a granddaughter and is jealous too. Thus, both their sexuality and their happiness are important to the overall story.

But like all Pixar production, the movie “Lightyear” has messages, teachings, tips or lessons, some more obvious and some more simulated, some for adults, some for children. Among these teachings is the lesson of learning from mistakes and knowing how to trust someone when you need them.

Going to the protagonist, who reaches the hearts of all and with whom so many generations grew up, the film took its time to give key answers for all fans of “Toy Story”. For example, what is the origin of Buzz’s flagship phrase “Al infinito y más allá”, or flight log details that Buzz records by pressing the particular button on his space journey.

This is the same as Woody, the cowboy whom Andy, the boy in the original movie, put his name on the sole of his boot. His story has been told in “Toy Story” and now he has Buzz Lightyear, a difference that comes with a spin-off.

In conclusion, Lightyear is the best movie of “Toy Story” but it is a spin-off. It is pure animation, fun, excitement, action and intergalactic adventure, with a protagonist who is as lovable as he is endearing. His plot, his script and his narration will reach the heart and soul of every fan who believed in the original film and maintaining the values ​​of friendship and family. Not to be missed.

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