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There seems to be no longer just a war between the different streaming platforms, one against the other, but of the platforms themselves with the theaters. Next September 23, Avatar is re-released in cinemas, as a way to promote Avatar 2: The Way of Water which will arrive in December, but at the same time you can’t see it. online on Disney Plus.

Why is Avatar re-released in cinemas?

There are several reasons. On the one hand, to “refresh” the audience on what the original story was telling, so that when the water path lands in theaters, you will be more familiar with the characters. And for another, which can be seen in all available formats, IMAX, 4K / HDR, 3D and 2D, it will be a way to consolidate the first place as the highest-grossing film in history.

At the time of publishing this note, Avatar achieved U$S 2,847,397,339 in collections a number that seemed impossible to achieve. Sin embargo, su puesto uno seems to wobble in 2019, after the megahit achieved by AAvengers: Endgame which sold tickets for US$ 2,797,501,328with a minimal difference of only $50 million.

With the theatrical re-release, Avatar is guaranteed to maintain its number one position and become the first film in history to break the $3 billion barrier in revenue.

Why can’t it be seen on Disney Plus?

As part of the strategy to bring more people to the theaters, Disney Plus removed the film from the streaming platform. It cannot be purchased online in digital stores such as Apple TV or Google Play, in several markets, including Latin America. Yes, it is possible to acquire it in the United States.

(In any case it is assumed that it will return to the platform at some point in the year, before or after the premiere of Avatar 2).

An incorrect situation occurs, as published by CONOCEDORES.com®, with other films from the Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars brands. We have been unavailable for digital purchase for weeks nowand can only be seen on Disney Plus.

When does The Water Path arrive?

Avatar 2: The Way of Water is scheduled to open the week of December 15, 2022 globally, starring Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet, among a long list of figures.

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