Artistic professions: what are the salaries?

When you embark on art studies, you obviously expect to live off your passion, but also earn a living well enough to do just that job. While some sectors are highly profitable, others are more delicate. Today we propose to give you some examples of remuneration for artistic professions. Here we come.


In the film industry, it is a highly regarded profession. Many people dream of being a director. Admittedly, he is the one who tells the story of the film, and therefore has many responsibilities. You should know that a director earns an average of 400 euros gross per month. That’s fine. But tickets are expensive!


The screenwriter assists the director, and therefore assists in the staging. It aims to think in the smallest detail to facilitate the work of the director and convey the maximum emotions in the film. However, on average, a screenwriter earns an average of 1250 euros gross per month, which is not exceptional. But it is an exciting job!

The actor

He does not become an actor by chance, it is a real vocation that requires talent and perseverance. A novice actor can earn about 1,750 euros gross at the beginning of his career, knowing that the payment is not annual but is made for service. Obviously, the stamps increase as the race progresses! Start and participate in castings.

The camera

You have to do quite advanced studies to become a cameraman on a movie set or on television. You should know that cameras are highly sought after and their experience is irreplaceable. As a result, a camera receives about 4,000 euros gross each month. It’s a skilled job for which you don’t have to count the hours, but it’s fascinating!

The singer

It all depends on the singer! Because obviously, the remuneration will not be the same for a very famous singer as for those who perform at village festivals or weddings for example. However, in 2019 an average was set which shows that a singer receives an average of 1800 euros gross each month, obviously softening throughout the year.

The script (or overall observer)

It is a very popular and profitable profession as a script receives about 1200 euros gross per week of filming. However, be careful because filming usually takes two months. And it’s not necessarily easy to find another shoot right after. Therefore, you need to manage your paycheck well for the quieter times of the year!

The blender

The mixer is the one in charge of the sound in a set of film, for the cinema or the television. Obviously, he is very good at music, but he has to prove himself. In addition, the salary is made per day, about 360 euros gross. This complicates the job because you have to find a job regularly.

As you may have noticed, the artistic professions are variable, and the salary scales are difficult to give. Here are some tips to help you see things more clearly.

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