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Article by Jesús Aguilar, president of the pharmacists

The president of the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges, Jesús Aguilar Santamaría, in an article for EFEsalut, takes stock of 2022 and presents the challenges for the year that has just begun

by Jesús Aguilar Santamaría, president of the General Council of Pharmaceutical Associations

Without a doubt, 2022 has been very special for the entire pharmaceutical profession. Three milestones support this statement.

The first, the National and World Pharmacy Congresses held in Seville, which gave us the opportunity to present the Spanish pharmacy model as a reference for the world.

The second is the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Health granted to the entire profession for its work of “care for citizens during the pandemic”.

And the third is this social recognition which means that 9 out of 10 citizens value the work of the Pharmacy positively, while demanding greater integration in Primary Care.

look ahead

However, it is time to look forward. From the Collegiate Pharmaceutical Organization we are already preparing for 2023 which will be key to professional advancement and, above all, an opportunity to demonstrate, once again, that pharmacists and Pharmacy are a profession and a essential resource to face our future as a country.

In fact, during the next 12 months, there will be a series of appointments at all political and decision-making levels that affect our daily lives and in which Farmàcia will highlight its constructive and collaborative attitude.

I am referring to the local and regional elections of May 28; in the general elections scheduled for the end of the year; and the Spanish presidency of the European Union during the second semester and which will be a prologue to the European elections in the spring of 2024.

We make concrete the contributions of the Pharmacy to each of these events.

Four areas of action

In the municipal areaan alliance with the network of 22,198 pharmacies is essential to successfully overcome the challenge of the demographic challenge on the two sides of depopulation in the rural area and aging in general.

In the autonomous areathe pharmacy is called upon to become an important link that guarantees continuity between care levels, contributing to relieve a primary care that in many parts of our geography presents symptoms of exhaustion.

A national level, when a new public health paradigm is being defined, it is vital to fully incorporate this model into the pharmacy network, taking full advantage of its status as the largest health sensor in the entire country through which 2.3 million citizens pass daily .

It is also time to review and expand the common portfolio of services included in the pharmaceutical provision, avoiding an asymmetric map or that the health of Spaniards depends on the postal code.

And, finally, at European scopethe Spanish pharmacy, among other aspects and just when European pharmaceutical legislation is being revised, wants supply guarantees to be introduced in community pharmacies, while offering its experience and technological platform to combat a problem that worries more and more every day governments, institutions and citizens: supply problems.

The road map

The Collegiate Pharmaceutical Organization has a roadmap that includes concrete and realistic proposals for each of these governance structures, which we will be presenting to politicians and public opinion over the coming months.

The first stop will be in the Senate, next January 17, where in the Chamber of Territorial Representation we will announce our proposals to strengthen social cohesion and enhance public health.

Because, during 2023, the entire pharmaceutical profession will once again be at the height of the circumstances, confirming our constructive attitude and commitment to the health and well-being of the 47 million Spaniards.

We will be at the foot of the canyon for each pharmacy to unite towns and cities, improve health care in all territories, make our health system a sign of our country’s identity, and build the Europe of health.

public health pharmacies
Jesús Aguilar Santamaría, president of the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists of Spain. Photo provided
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