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ArangoDB secures funding from Iris Capital

PwC Legal recently advised Iris Capital on its investment in ArangoDB, a leading open-source multi-model database provider. ArangoDB’s technology makes it a powerful tool for businesses seeking scalability, agility, and cost savings, and this funding will help ArangoDB accelerate its market leadership and technology.

This article will provide an overview of the investment and the legal implications for both parties.

Background of ArangoDB

ArangoDB is a distributed open source native multi-model NoSQL database, with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values. ArangoDB simplifies data architectures by combining the functionality of databases like MySQL and MongoDB and graph databases like Neo4j into a single enterprise solution. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany, ArangoDB employs over 70 engineers worldwide and is an active part of the open source software community.

Iris Capital is one of Europe’s leading early stage venture capital firms that has invested in iconic European startups such as BlaBlaCar and Deezer. It has more than 100 investments across France, Germany, Belgium & UK with €1 billion assets under management. Professional services firm PwC Legal advises Iris Capital on its new investment in ArangoDB. The specific terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Overview of Iris Capital

Iris Capital is a venture capital fund that invests in innovative technologies and businesses that have the potential to scale significantly. The fund’s focus areas include digital media, e-commerce, mobile technology, software, Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainable energy. For the last 15 years, Iris Capital has invested in some of the world’s most promising companies including Uber, Spotify, Blablacar and Dailymotion.

The team at Iris Capital has extensive experience across various sectors thanks to its multi-disciplinary approach. Over the years, the firm has expanded its portfolio to include pivotal investments in emerging areas such as blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Its recent investments have included ArangoDB, an open source database provider; TrustMy Pet; and Valyoo Technologies.

As part of this investment round into ArangoDB; PwC Legal provided comprehensive advice to Iris Capital on legal matters related to their investment decision. This included but was not limited to review of corporate documents, deal terms and regulatory considerations which ultimately gave them peace of mind for their significant financial commitment. This accompaniment highlights PwC Legal’s ability to assist clients through times of significant business decisions with the highest quality legal advice available in the market today.

PwC Legal advises Iris Capital on investment in ArangoDB

Business software company ArangoDB has secured a major funding round led by venture capital firm Iris Capital and advised by PwC Legal.

The investment will fuel ArangoDB’s continued growth and product development, as the company continues to expand its footprint in the cloud database market.

ArangoDB, a global provider of multi-model database solutions, announced it has secured €7.35 million in funding from Iris Capital, a leading early stage and technology venture capital fund. The investment round was advised and structured by PwC Legal.

The new funding will enable ArangoDB to accelerate its commitment to customer success, further strengthen its worldwide sales and support capabilities, and continue its focus on delivering high quality production-ready features. Additionally, ArangoDB will use the funds to expand marketing and customer education efforts under the “future of data” banner.

The large amount of funding allows ArangoDB to expand their services while focusing on customer success with increased sales support capabilities provided by enhanced customer service and marketing efforts around data. With this capital boost, ArangoDB looks toward a strong future in delivering innovative products that meet the needs of today’s market demands for multi-model databases solutions.

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Role of PwC Legal

PwC Legal provided legal advice to Iris Capital on their investment into ArangoDB. As a full service law firm, PwC Legal was responsible for handling the full scope of the legal aspects of this particular deal. This included negotiating and drafting documents such as the shareholder agreement, reviewing existing corporate documents and researching applicable laws, assessing potential risks for Iris Capital and analyzing relevant merger regulations.

Additionally, PwC Legal provided expertise regarding data protection law matters and advised on post-closing obligations in the share capital deed and other corporate documents.

PwC Legal’s objective was to ensure that all legal aspects of the transaction were addressed adequately in favor of Iris Capital’s interests. As a result, with their assistance, a successful investment was finalized between ArangoDB and Iris Capital in order to promote innovation within the software industry.


The recent investment by Iris Capital in ArangoDB has many potential benefits to the database software developer. ArangoDB can further their research and expand their capabilities with their new funding.

PwC Legal has advised Iris Capital with the investment, meaning they can trust the legal support of the enterprise. The investment can propel ArangoDB forward, and with PwC Legal, they can look for a bright future.

Benefits to ArangoDB

ArangoDB is positioned to benefit significantly from their most recent round of funding. This investment will enable them to expand their operational capabilities and leverage additional resources, allowing ArangoDB to continually develop and optimize its products.

The additional capital injection provides access to a wider customer base and greater marketing opportunities, enabling ArangoDB to promote their web-scale database services more effectively.

In addition, the expertise and guidance offered by PwC Legal in advising Iris Capital on this investment will allow ArangoDB to continue on its trajectory of success with support from financial and legal professionals. Strategic partnerships with top players in the industry will open up new opportunities for growth and market penetration, providing ArangoDB with further competitive advantages.

Finally, this latest funding gives ArangoDB access to the funds necessary for further research and development of product offerings tailored specifically for enterprise customers.

Benefits to Iris Capital

The strategic investment in ArangoDB will bring numerous advantages to Iris Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in innovative technology companies. By investing in ArangoDB, Iris Capital will benefit from the pioneering graph database technology and the company’s expert consulting. In addition, the technology provides organizations with a faster, more efficient way to examine connections between data points and can give organizations valuable new insights into their operations.

The investment also brings benefits to Iris Capital itself, as it will gain access to an experienced and skilled team of professionals who are well-versed in graph database technologies and application development. This partnership also allows Iris Capital to add an innovative portfolio company to its list of successful investment destinations – putting their venture capital firm at the forefront of technology innovation.

Finally, the strategic advice from PwC Legal has ensured that this high-risk venture capital investment was conducted with due diligence and prudence, meaning that all involved parties have greater assurance of the expected returns on their investments. As such, this latest financial investment by Iris Capital into ArangoDB is not only beneficial for both businesses but also for future investors in similar startup enterprises.

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Future Plans

ArangoDB recently secured funding from Iris Capital, with PwC Legal providing advice on the investment. This new capital will be used to drive forward the company’s ambitious plans.

With this new funding, ArangoDB will be able to focus on its growth and development and further expand its services to customers.

Let’s look into what ArangoDB’s plans are.

ArangoDB’s Plans

ArangoDB, a leading provider of multi-model databases, has secured funding from Iris Capital, a venture capital firm based in Paris. This investment will propel ArangoDB’s focus on cloud-native application development and open source technologies. PwC Legal served as legal adviser to Iris Capital for the investment into ArangoDB GmbH, the parent company of ArangoDB Inc.

With these new funds, ArangoDB can expand its platform’s reach and support its mission to bring developer productivity and performance to enterprise application development on a global scale. With an agile data layer that combines powerful query languages for searching and filtering with top notch security, scalability and availability guarantees across public clouds, webscale architectures and edge systems, ArangoDB is setting the stage for mission critical applications powered by cloud native databases.

The team at ArangoDB plans to focus on increasing the versatility of their product offering by developing features focused on improving developer productivity even further — such as automatic monitoring & alerting capabilities — while expanding its support for different operating systems (Linux distributions, macOS) over the next twelve months. In addition, they seek to strengthen their partnerships with cloud providers (AWS & GCP) to optimize their strategy towards making it easier for developers deploying applications in public clouds managed entirely through triggered automation pipelines using Kubernetes & Helm Charts.

Furthermore, further investments will be made into scaling up teams dedicated to R&D with close cooperation with customers’ engineering teams. All these efforts are aimed at accelerating enterprises’ digital transformation paths towards cloud native application deployment strategies catering towards multiple architectures from public clouds all the way down to IoT edge devices while utilizing streamlined DevOps practices including comprehensive automation pipelines complemented by purpose build monitoring solutions such as Prometheus & ELK Stacks.

Iris Capital’s Plans

Iris Capital’s investment in ArangoDB allows the database giant to accelerate the development of next-generation, multi-model and distributed cloud database solutions. This strategy provides a long-term focus, enabling ArangoDB to meet the myriad of data needs for organizations adapting to digital transformation quickly.

Iris Capital, an independent venture capital firm focused on enterprise software and digital media investments, is dedicated to providing ArangoDB with the necessary capital infusion required for developing its ground-breaking database technology. Daniel Bobillo, Head of Strategic Investments at Iris Capital commented “We are confident that their innovative approach and commitment to market-leading customer service will continue to provide valuable growth opportunities for the business”. In addition, the partnership will enable ArangoDB to grow its product portfolio and continue delivering great successes through collaboration with industry leaders.

In pursuit of its mission, Iris Capital is committed to adding value by connecting entrepreneurs with world-class industry partners and leveraging access rights in rapidly evolving technology sectors. Partnering with external advisors such as PwC Legal ensures that this investor places a special emphasis on expertise which can facilitate long standing partnerships with companies like ArangoDB.

With PwC Legal’s support, this investment marks an important milestone for ArangoDB as it looks towards realising its vision of creating a comprehensive database solution that understands relationships between data objects; enabling customers from diverse industries explore new pathways towards creating amazing experiences.

arangodb arangodb series iris capitalsawersventurebeat


The successful investment by Iris Capital into ArangoDB marks another significant milestone for the open source NoSQL database technology. As a well-respected and experienced European investor, Iris Capital provides ArangoDB with additional resources and expertise to help accelerate growth and development. Moreover, having PwC Legal advise on this investment further validates the attractiveness of the NoSQL database market and confirms that ArangoDB is positioned to become the leading open source player.

As the demand for NoSQL technologies increases exponentially due to their flexibility, scalability, and cost savings, companies such as ArangoDB are well-positioned to benefit from this influx of growth opportunities. Furthermore, as companies begin to understand the value of using an open source database platform over more expensive alternatives, they will be driven to explore their options within the NoSQL space.

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