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Alphabet of Psychology: with the w of whatsapp

The Alphabet of Psychology by Sergio García Soriano reaches the letter wy analyzes the effects that can be caused by the use of an application as popular, used and known as WhatsApp

Alphabet of Psychology: with the w of whatsapp

Picture of the WhatsApp application on a mobile. EFE/ Marcelo Sayão ARCHIVE[ARCHIVO]

In this article I analyze WhatsApp from the point of view of psychology.

The appearance of the first mobile phones at the end of the 20th century was a milestone that changed the way we interact.

You could have conversations with people who lived in other countries or you could talk to loved ones during the same day even if you were far away.

And they went from large terminals that looked like bricks to the appearance of smaller and lighter phones.

Likewise, the 21st century led to the emergence of social networks, apps and free and instant messaging, including WhatsApp.

However, it is paradoxical that what connects us with those in other latitudes, sometimes distances us from the relationships that are closer. .

WhatsApp, which has become indispensable in some continents due to its speed, can generate or encourage a dependency to have information about the partner, in particular the double blue check or see the last connection.

And this information can lead to discussions with partners or friends. At the same time it can increase certain paranoid personality traits.

Falling in love, psychology and whatsapp

At the stage of falling in love, this system strengthens the bonds of union between the couple.

Later, however, in the commitment phases where what is passionate has lost strength, it can become a control system capable of generating discomfort and dependence in one or both of the partners.

The expectation created by us can produce discomfort when the other person is online but does not give signs of life, writing or reading us at the usual intervals or that we think are the “standards”.

This type of actions can generate suspicion of deception, jealousy or thinking that we are being unfairly treated and this also causes less concentration in the activity we are developing.

In the use of WhatsApp, passive-aggressive situations can occur that range from harassment to disconnection and not having the presence variables with the tone or the paralanguage systems that give meaning to the content of the message can be sources of misunderstandings

For this reason, being hyperconnected with our relationships exclusively with WhatsApp is not the most effective channel to appreciate the complexity of the messages we want to receive and generate.

Sergio García collects an award from the Council of Psychologists of Madrid for his collaboration on the El Bisturí radio program, from EFEsalut/ Photo provided by the psychologist
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