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Alphabet of Psychology: With the V of Vejez

The psychologist Sergio García Soriano is reaching the last words of his Alphabet of Psychology. In this chapter he tells us about Old Age from the letter V

Sergio García Soriano analyzes old age in his Alphabet of Psychology, and offers us two sentences before starting the analysis.

“We grow old from the day we are born” (Anonymous)

“Aging is still the only means that has been discovered to live a long time” (Charles A. Sainte-Beuve)

Old age is a common process in people where physical, psychological and social changes occur.

Old age, or old age, is considered to begin at age 65. Old age comes with retirement because it is one turning point and family and social changes. Changes that are different for each person. Therefore, depending on the capacities and life experiences, different situations and feelings will develop.

Pre-old age is 55 to 65 years. Old age from 65 to 79 years. Seniority since 80 years.

Life expectancy has grown in recent decades.

In Spain, life expectancy is 83 years. In 2050, the population over 65 will be 46% of the world population. That is, half the population.

Psychology and old age: prejudices about old age

1) It is thought that sexuality is not important these years, that sexuality is something for young people. So it is common that in some nursing homes sexual encounters with new partners after widowhood are hindered. On the other hand, there is the word “old green” to define a person of the third age who thinks about sex. This appellation does not exist at other ages of growth.

2) His life is monotonous. We tend to think that because we are not at the stage of social or capitalist production, our time is less important than before. Often doing them with care obligations to the grandchildren.

3) They don’t adapt to changes. It is not true. They can be adapted with the same ease or difficulty as in other periods of life. They don’t have to be “old fashioned”. You have to think that their background can make them more tolerant of novelty. Your mental rigidity or flexibility is related to the way you think, not age.

In short, everyone’s old age is to be built or made and it depends on how we think about it at the moment, we will create one type of old age or another so it is good to cure ourselves of the social prejudices that we have made our own. We all carry an “old” inside.

Sergio García psychologist
The psychologist Sergio García Soriano/Photo provided
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