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Has it not happened to you that sometimes, no matter how much you clean a crystal or vitrified surface, you notice that it does not look right? Remains of dirt, fog, grease, matte surface, dust…

They currently exist numerous cleaning products to clean crystalsas well as traditional or homemade cleaning products like ammonia and newspaper or kitchen paper.

In this post we give you some tips to clean the crystals professionally and they remain radiant:

  • The crystal cleaner is the key tool for professional cleaning. It must be ergonomic since much of the work is manual, it must also be standard on all telescopic poles and handles on the market.
  • The professional crystal cleaner allows the change of rubbers or lips. It is very important that the replacement rubber lip is of rubber or vulcanized natural rubbersince the plastic ones, despite lasting longer, adapt to changing temperatures and usually produce the effect step (like small jumps) when passing over the surface.
  • It is convenient to clean the crystals on cold or cloudy daysif not, it is preferable to clean very early. The reason is that the sun or the heat, makes the faster evaporationand normally there are remains of product or lime from the water, in embargo on cold or early days the evaporation is slower but more effective.
  • It is recommended to use water sparingly hot or warm if the crystal is very dirty.
  • In the windows on the street, such as shop windows, by the passage of cars, etc., the dirt is more impregnated, so a normal glass cleaning liquid would not be enough. It is recommended dilute a little dishwashing liquid or degreaser in a bucket with warm water and finish cleaning with the usual crystal cleaning liquid.
  • It is important that the chemical used for cleaning has non-soap alcoholic baseto prevent any remaining steam at the end.
  • Crystals must be cleaned in small areas, for example, don’t wait to move the whole escape to follow after, but leave a small area, search, and start with the next area. The crystal must always be wet before drying.

Do you want to buy all the products you need to clean glass? In Professional Climate. We have a complete section dedicated to products for cleaning crystals where there are everything from wipers, lip replacements, crystal cleaners or kits and glass cubes for a fully professional cleaning.

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