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All the faces of gynecological cancer

Three days, eight women and a journey: “Camí a l’Esperança”, a documentary that shows the overcoming of gynecological cancer in a metaphorical way.

They are untold stories, realities silenced by ignorance. the film “Road to Hope” tries, through the experience of the protagonists, to give voice and visibility to gynecological cancer. Because, after all, it is a “joint fight“.

That’s how he determines it María Jesús Rubio, oncologist at the Reina Sofía University Hospital in Córdoba and one of the participants in the documentary.

“An initiative like this makes visible a disease that we try to hide. It shows that the fight is not individual but that the fight belongs to all and that we are all stronger together”

This project is part of “Em dic Esperança”, a campaign promoted by the British biopharmaceutical company GSK that was born in order to “shed light” on all the shadows of gynecological cancer patients.

Gynecological cancer and the road to hope

Gynecological cancer encompasses all these tumors that originate in the organs of the female reproductive system, as is the case with cancer of the cervix, ovaries, uterus, vagina and vulva.

This documentary covers, in broad terms, a three-day journey that they undertake eight surviving women of gynecological cancer and two oncologists specialized with a common goal: The Hopecapital of the municipality of Rosario (Tenerife).

It is a metaphor, an attempt to make visible the journey, the courage and commitment of each of the participants to reach hope physically and mentally. It’s 21 kilometers and stories shared along the way.

Image courtesy of GSK

The voices of the disease

Because hope as he defines it Irene Roldánone of the survivors of this cancer, it’s not just a place you get to, but a process, something we build day by day with our illusions.

“Life is two days and one happened yesterday. If you have no hope, what is left for you, where are you going, what path are you taking”, explains Sonia Cabezón, another of the participants.

Anna, Idoya, Carme, Irene, Gemma, Lorena, Mercedes, Sonia

These are the names of the eight women who, in this film, give voice to gynecological cancer. They narrate the struggle, the path they have traveled, the adversities they have faced, the discrimination they still suffer and the economic impact of an unforgiving disease.

These are testimonies of a battle against cancer. Where, as Lorena González assures, the question is not can, but want.

Side by side

This journey not only brings a new perspective, but enriches that of those who have experienced gynecological cancer from the inside.

“I am left with the laughter, with the strength, with which they have taught me to fight without telling me to fight, to follow without telling me to follow”, assures Mercedes Malaver, one of the eight female protagonists.

The documentary “Path to Hope” is available on the GSK website

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