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All aspects to consider

One of the most important aspects that a hospitality business must always take care of is maintain good hygiene. For this reason, in this article we showed you the keys to good hygiene in a good one industrial kitchen cleaning.

What are industrial kitchens?

The first is to be clear about what we mean when it comes to an industrial or professional kitchen. Professional kitchens are those that are designed to prepare large quantities of food.

These kitchens are special and different from domestic use in that they have equipment with which improve its security and also functionality. Due to much higher usage than traditional kitchens, maintaining good cleanliness of industrial kitchens is essential, not only for the health of the business, but also to provide better customer service.

Dangers of not wearing proper hygiene and cleaning

The lack of hygiene and cleanliness in an industrial kitchen can lead to several problems of various kinds. For starters, we’re talking about a place where food is handled, so what poor hygiene can cause health problems among our clients, something that no restaurant wants to hear about.

On the other hand, the other most common problem we can suffer is the presence of bad odors and the accumulation of smoke in the work area. This problem, in addition to being harmful to our workers by preventing them from doing their work, can lead to more serious problems such as a fire.

Dirt in an industrial kitchen can also lead to problems that are difficult to see, for example, those affecting ventilation. Some dirty ducts, full of grease, they will not be as effective at ventilating.

Of course, another of the most common risks could not be missing, the accumulation of insects in the work area. Basically, the problems and dangers to which a dirty industrial kitchen is exposed for not having good hygiene and cleaning affect both customers, workers and neighbors of the building itself.

How would you clean an industrial kitchen?

To avoid the aforementioned problems it is essential to clean the professional kitchen. A good cleaning of the kitchen will end the problems of grease, which, by the way, is flammable and it is responsible for the vast majority of fires that are produced in professional kitchens.

A good professional cleaning includes the inspection of joints to ensure that the work is free of infectious agents, the cleaning of extraction ducts, the cleaning of kitchen equipment such as extractor hoods, the replacement of filters and turbines, proper disinfection and deodorization.

Disinfection must be daily, as they will be handling food every day and, therefore, is always at risk with infectious agents. To achieve this disinfection, it is essential to take care of the equipment’s cleanliness. The machinery of an industrial kitchen goes through all the food in the kitchen. A good cleaning in these devices not only will allow the food to be much saferbut it will also increase the useful life of these devices because they will take much more care of their operation.

Ver disinfection products suitable for Food Hygiene

To properly clean these devices, it will be necessary to completely remove the residues present in them and then apply a special disinfectant and degreaser. This degreaser it must be specifically formulated for what we want to clean. Remember the good condition of the machinery and the importance of cleaning a surface through which food passes in the appropriate way.

These special degreasers need a time to act, that’s why it’s not just about throwing them out and cleaning up, since we need them to use the time we need for the result to be optimal. When the manufacturer’s estimated time has passed, simply rinse the surface with water and remove the cleaner.

Finally, the application of a special disinfectant will be carried out to eliminate all those contaminating microorganisms that could reside in the machinery. Once again, it will be necessary to remove the chemical product by rinsing it with water and the machinery will be ready for use in complete safety. This is the best way to disinfect industrial kitchen.

Take care of personal hygiene

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that a professional kitchen does not only get dirty from use by the food, the human team that works is also responsible for said dirt.

At this point, it is necessary that the kitchen staff is well informed and has the necessary training how to use the kitchen correctly. Thanks to these action protocols, we will not only dirty the kitchen much less, but we will also make sure that we know how to maintain cleanliness when necessary and know how to act in the best way to guarantee its safety.

Thanks to the correct training of our professionals, we achieve one of the most necessary aspects of this type of problem, risk prevention. With all this we will succeed an environment in which it is much more pleasant to work and, in addition, we will be able to offer a better service to our customers.

Keeping an industrial kitchen clean and in good condition is simple as long as the above guidelines are taken into account. Some guidelines that, if carried out progressively and constantly, for example, with the daily disinfectionavoid a significant workload in which it would be necessary to clean the entire kitchen.

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