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Air freshener for shops and surface grades. Nebulizer system

The latest in air freshener technology has numbers and names and is the aroma nebulizer. We have it on our website!
The aroma nebulizer is a fragrance diffuser that covers large surfaces up to 250-350 square meters. A professional electric air freshener.
Surely when you enter a clothing store or shopping center you have noticed that it has a characteristic and special smell in all the stores of its brand. And, no matter how big the place is, you can smell the chosen fragrance in every corner equally, this is because they use an aroma nebulizer, or what is the same thing, a professional air freshener for professional shops and spaces. It is perfect for filling shops with aromas.

Advantages of industrial air fresheners for shops

Also known as a nebulizer, this is a professional electric air freshener that can be used alone or installed in the air conditioning system so that the fragrance is extinguished over the entire surface equally.
It can also be used alone and placed on shelves or lofts because its minimalist design fits in any type of commercial premises.
Another aspect that makes it special, and the most important, is its low consumption and high duration.

nebulizer-air freshener
How do store air fresheners work?

It uses a concentrated liquid air freshener that is inserted into a bottle of the nebulizer itself and is dispensed according to the program and intensity chosen. Because, in addition, it is programmable and automatic: the best thing about this is that you can choose the hours of work and intensity so you can forget about the air freshener and it works very effectively.

What does a nebulizer smell like?
Special liquid air fresheners must be used to use it in aroma nebulizers. In our store we have three different fragrances of high quality and duration: Fresco, Herbal and Lily of the valley. These fragrances are young, warm and soft respectively. You can see the essences for the nebulizer on our website.
Where is the industrial air freshener used?
It is an aroma freshener for shops, commercial premises or shopping centers. If you have a business and want your personality to be represented in the atmosphere as well, use the nebulizer to create a unique and special fragrance.
Here you can see your average consumption according to the chosen intensity and according to the hours:

1 10/300S 16 0.32 9.6
2 30/300S 16 0.96 29
3 100/300S 16 2.88 87
4 60/120S 16 3.68 111
5 90/120S 16 4.96 149
6 150/120S 16 6.4 192
7 150/60S 16 8.16 245
8 300/60S 16 9.44 283
9 300/10S 16 11.04 331

Can you use an aroma nebulizer or industrial air freshener for home stores?

Yes, you can use it at home, although you will have to be aware that these nebulizers or air fresheners for shops are designed for large and open spaces, so you have to take into account that the aroma that it will intensify and it cannot be pleasant. in a small room.

We hope that we have convinced you and that you want to try this air freshener for shops and large surfaces! Visit our website now for more information.

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