After watching Doctor Strange 2 at Disney Plus, who is Clea? –

Doctor Strange 2 is one of the highest grossing films in theaters in 2022 and available for see in Disney Plus. At the end of the film, in one of the two post-credits scenes, we appeared in Charlize Theron, playing a new character who adds to the MCU universe. Who is Clea?

In an interview with Marvel.comone of the writers of Doctor Strange 2, Michael Waldron, talked about the future after The Multiverse of Madness.

After watching Doctor Strange 2 at Disney Plus, who is Clea?

Who is Clea, the character of Charlize Theron?

“We were very excited to introduce Clea. Getting Charlize Theron to play this character, wow. In comics, Clea is the great love of Doctor Strange, so to speak. The alternative Christine Palmer, as she says goodbye to our Doctor Strange, tells her to face her fears, to be willing to love another person, and to face that fear of connecting with another person. It seemed the perfect time to finally introduce a key figure in Doctor Strange’s canon.

“But what does this mean for the MCU? We’ll find out. But we have a Doctor Strange and Clea, which is going to be a lot of fun. “

It is not yet clear whether Stephen and Clea will appear first in Doctor Strange 3 or will do so in another MCU project in their Phase 4.

In this context, this whole stage will pass and pass through the Multiverse, where everything is possible, although the pieces will have to fit together perfectly. That’s why “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” generated almost as much expectation as “Spider-Man: There is no way home.”

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