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‘Afecte quant t odio’ (2021) review: Romantic horror

Love how much I hate you, with Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell, is a romantic comedy focused on the publishing world and with almost everything a film in this genre should have. So let’s tackle the disturbing world of boy-girl and love in phases.

The romantic comedy genre can be somewhat intimidating. At least one server. It is not for nothing that one does not expect, upon leaving the cinema, to see spaceships tearing through the sky, wizards invoking chaos or a superhero dressed as some animal and rescuing people in the alleys. But a romantic comedy… Ah! This is serious stuff. very serious They take place in realistic worlds, with flesh and blood people, we are told that when you are single you are basically a soul in pain looking for someone to mate with, that the handsome ones are the ones who succeed (Love how much I hate you is an example, I don’t know if unintentionally parodic, and especially that the cost of life is magical. And, of course, you go out and total slap.

Love How Much I Hate You (01)

Serve as an example what happens to Love how much I hate you: Lucy and Joshua, two attractive young people (although this about him already rubs the classic El Corte Inglés ad), share an office in a publishing house at the same time as they launch continuous bids since, and thus we are introduced to the voiceover, they hate each other. Obviously, love will emerge. The problem is that they are both competing for the same manager position. Oh mother, what tension…

At the entrance Love how much I hate you it doesn’t stress too much on the surprise factor (I stress the genre of the film): no, they don’t hate each other, they like each other like a sack only, ah, they hadn’t realized it. Their first meetings, in another reflection of the will to innovate, are a succession of scenes in which it becomes clear that he is a good guy (this is important: these films usually appeal to the Christian dream that this person be the definitive one, this pim pam pum around the city with one and the other is a sin) and that all this, even if it looks like it, is not an advertisement for cologne.

Love How Much I Hate You (2)

And it is that another classic of the genre, present without complex a Love how much I hate youit’s this perfect world (or not), cool and guaranteed: without any problem we are presented with this New York in which you have a cool job (he did an MBA at.. Sure: Harvard), a floor of milk, she he dresses in heavy clothes and drinks tea when she’s alone (alone! drama, let’s set sails or something) and he’s a perfect gentleman that if I make love to you (in these movies it’s done) not today, tomorrow.

Then, despite the fact that Love how much I hate you, meets all these ingredients. What’s the problem? Well, that’s not it The apartment (romantic comedy, but above all, an exceptional film), it is obvious, but it could be at least one more of the genre. Comply, and that (we already know that romantic comedies are a recurring drug for those who like them). But the initial premise does not hold any surprises, almost nothing remarkable happens (not even what is happening, although predictable, is interesting), there is no classic twist (there is an attempt, tepid, very tepid) , the tension when the relationship is in danger… Res. Perhaps the worst are the mild scenes that seem, um, intended to make us laugh and are absolutely neutral. It’s not that the joke is bad, it’s that they didn’t even try.

Love How Much I Hate You (3)

What we are told – without spoilers eh – is that the handsome guy (because this is always about handsome and beautiful, let’s be fair here, romantic comedies are usually honest about this) is also the perfect man, she has succeeded , along the way we learn that there is a boss (the boss) who is the prototype of bad masculinity and running. Oh, and the best of Love how much I hate youis that they slip us without any problem to a boy, clearly less attractive than Joshua, used by Lucy, discarded at the first kiss, cornered in the friendzone and without compensation in the plan script that at least he is a good person or a great friend. Nothing, if this is a: dude, you’re not cute, not even a wandering necktie ad, get out of here!!! Here we recognize that they have been great about honesty.

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