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Advice from the heart on women’s day I Shaio

Being a woman is synonymous with hard work, it is usually related to fulfilling multiple roles such as mother, wife, daughter, student or worker, you also have to meet high expectations and work hard to fulfill dreams, goals or objectives, and many times a day nowadays we forget that before all these things, we are human beings and we have to take care and love each other.

That’s why, in the context of International Women’s Day, we talk to some of them authentic and powerful women who are part of the Shaio Clinic and they gave us these tips of heart to heart

I take care of myself to take care of you”

Claudia Marcela Poveda, cardiologist and director of the Adult ECMO Program at Clínica Shaio, emphasizes that as a woman it is important to have your own spaces that allow you to take care of your health.

Medical studies show that women are more likely to develop silent heart disease than men, and factors such as family history, genetics, problems during pregnancy, underlying diseases and even menopause can be triggers for diseases such as broken heart syndrome, variant angina or microvascular coronary disease among others, becoming one of the main causes of mortality in women.

For this reason, the importance of taking time out for medical check-ups, exercising and having an active and healthy life, and when you feel any discomfort or symptom it is important to see the doctor, not leave it for later.

Never stop fulfilling dreamss

Claudia Jaramillo, cardiologist and head of the Cardiology service at Clínica Shaio, touches on a very important topic for women, not to forget that first of all we are people with feelings, emotions and dreams, that we have the responsibility to find meaning in the life and to seek every day to fulfill dreams.

Overwhelm is one of the strongest feelings that women have, because it tends to transform into others such as despair or anger, which if not paid attention to can evolve into stronger issues such as anxiety or Stress.

It is known that stress is a natural reaction that is activated when a situation occurs over which you have no control, and it can manifest itself physically harming health.

Heart disease has many factors that trigger it, but stress is one of the strongest, because it directly affects the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system that controls the heart, and triggers hormonal and inflammatory phenomena in the body.

That’s why to free ourselves from these emotions, it’s important to focus, stop and reflect on what we want to do, what our goals are and how to fulfill our dreams. Doing this helps us feel good and physically when something makes us feel good, the brain releases happy hormones that help the body release stress and anxiety, which in turn decreases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

Prioritize our food”

Luz Helena Urazán, doctor of the Patient Safety program, invites all women to take care and prioritize what they eat, to have good eating habits such as eating fruits and vegetables or drinking water, not only helps to improve health but to have healthy skin which will be appreciated in time.

A healthy diet is essential to take care of health, this implies eating in a balanced way to cover the nutritional needs and this implies that it is complete, sufficient, adequate and above all safe for the body.

Health is also mental

Every day we change as people, we face new challenges, losses, obstacles and feelings. Ángela Romero, coordinator of the Assistive Psychology service, invites you to take care of such an important issue as working for good emotional stability.

Mental health is a state in which people identify and understand factors that allow them to have emotional, psychological and social well-being, so care must be taken with the same importance as physical health.

We are not alone”

Although many times you can be overwhelmed by all the obligations there are, a woman is never alone, Lina Saucedo, intensivist doctor, advises women on the importance of seeking not only physical but also emotional support.

A support network, whether of family, friends or close people, represents a very important element for a woman’s well-being and mental health, this can make a big difference in the quality of life.

If we need help, don’t hesitate to raise our voice and seek it, whether it’s in matters of health, employment, education or emotional support, there will surely always be a hand ready to support and release burdens.

Closing the gap

Paola Recamán, coordinator of the Department of Education reminds us of the importance of women as a pillar and guide to educate and build a society.

Education is very important for women because it gives them empowerment, which in these times is essential for gender equality. His education is a great benefit to society because he can become an active agent in economic, social, scientific issues, among others.

From Clínica Shaio we want to invite all women to think and act on their well-being, to dare to dream, to fight to achieve their own goals and to be authentic in their infinite diversity.

See this conversation between women they spoke heart to heart 👇👇

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