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a little known but widely used cleaning product

The haragán is a cleaning tool that we have seen on many occasions, but we are sure that we are not familiar with this name, since it is common for it to be called a plastic broom, a silicone broom, or even “rubber”.

This haragán de limpieza serves for several jobs, however above all it is present where there is water.

What is a cleaning rag?

If we see the different models of sloths on the market, they are all more or less the same, with some change in the materials with which their lower part is made.

It is a cleaning item that looks a lot like a brush, and in fact its function is similar and identical in some cases, with a long stick that allows us to use it without bending down and which can be that of a mop or a brush, given that the threads are usually the same.

Then it has a hard plastic that is like that of brushes, but much narrower, and he joined a lip instead of bristles. This lip is thin, it is made with different plastic materials and it is the one that does the work.

What is hara´gán used for?

Cualquier haragán has several uses, but the main one is that of “sweeping” water in those areas where the soil gets wet frequently.

In places like some factories, hospitals, swimming pools, fish markets, etc.

This is when sloths are most useful, since thanks to the lower lip you can drag all this water towards the drain, eliminating in a moment and without effort, drying the area by passing the haragán over the soil a couple of times.

No solo sirve para suelo: an alternative use of haragán

A haragán is not only used when searching the ground, but we can also see it in the cleaning of crystals, although here it is used without the stick.

It is said that the glass cleaner is different from the sloths, but in reality the operation is the same, since it removes the water from the glasses and leaves them dry.

Is haragán suitable for all surfaces?

Although the cleaning rag is a very versatile product, the truth is that it is not suitable for all surfaces, since it works well on hard and smooth surfaces.

Thus, we refer to the floor that we have at home, to an industrial building, to the tiles that we can have in a public shower or in a swimming pool, to glass, azulejos, etc.

It is not useful when leaving the water or cleaning areas with holesas it could be the floor of a factory that is covered by the passage of years, or surfaces like the carpets we have at home.

In what type of cleaning should it be used?

It is associated with laziness in water, and that is when it works best, both when it comes to reducing this liquid and taking it to a drain, and when scrubbing. anywhere (also at home) if we want the floor to follow.

As for the liquid, it works with almost everyone and in the market there are even some designed to collect the oil, since in work centers such as workshops it is not uncommon for this viscous liquid to fall on the floor.

The cleaning of the crystals is another one that benefits from laziness, especially when the professionals do the glass with soap and water with the idea of ​​achieving a deeper and faster cleaning.

It is also used when sweeping

Sweepers also work dry, and in fact there are many people who use them in their homes in order to sweep the housewell, once the technique is mastered, it has an advantage over traditional brushes, which is that it does not raise dust.

Passing it continuously, without jerking as is done with brooms, the dirtiness of a room is recognized in a moment, especially if we choose the size of the haragán well, which must be smaller (about 30 cm) if our house has a lot of furniture and nooks and crannies.

Can’t find laziness?

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