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It would be impossible to judge a Andor for its first three chapters, out of a total of twelve. But the new proposal of Star Wars on Disney Plus it has many lights and shadows, to analyze, and decide whether or not to see Andor. Will he become a new favorite as The Mandalorian or pass without too much fanfare as Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Andor is not another series because being a prequel to Rogue One, which in itself was already a prequel to what we know of Star Wars, it’s like it’s stripped of all the characters they’ve grown accustomed to in more than 40 years . . There is no Skywalker, no Kenobi, no C3PO or R2D2, no Death Star, no Darth Vader. Nor, obviously, Mandalorian.

The good thing about Andor is that it is free from the burden of advertising in iconic characters from Star Wars. The bad thing is that if the story is not well told and its pace is not suitable, it has nowhere to lean on.

REVIEW To watch or not to watch Andor on Disney Plus: A different Star Wars

To see or not to see Andor on Disney Plus?

The first three chapters will show lights and shadows. Among the positives, its aesthetics are impeccable as is the cinematography. There are special effects that are really surprising for a production made for a streaming platform, and others are a little more questionable, but far from being bad.

Although it is anchored in the Star Wars universe it has its own visual identity, and this is appreciated, it provides the necessary fresh air.

And the new robot B2EMO is more than adorable, as much as BB-8, with his shy “personality” and certain clumsiness.

Many times it is cataloged in La Guerra de las Galaxias as a science fiction franchise, when it is reality in fantasy and/or action. For a film or series of either genre, it has to combine both science and fiction, something we can find in Star Trek, but not in Star Wars.

Y Andor is closer to espionage, suspense and action than fantasy.

What is Andor’s problem?

Beyond the tastes of whether the script is good or not, with She-Hulk, Disney Plus I give an interesting sample. Its episodes feel more like those of a TV show, with the timing of a TV sitcom.

The mistake of many platforms is to make series designed for the cinema and then cut into episodes, but they don’t have the timing of a small screen, be it a TV, a tablet or a mobile phone.

This is exactly what happens with Andor. His times are slow in the development of the character and three chapters that add up to almost an hour and a half to present who Cassian Andor is and how he got to the situation he is in, is too much.

A different story?

Andor is distinctly different from what we’ve seen so far in Star Wars. And although The Mandalorian was different in its aesthetics, its story and its tone, it had a background that Andor does not have.

In the first chapter, Cassian searches for his missing sister in an alien brothel. Without embargo, when he is intercepted by two members of the Empire’s police who want to bother him and rob them, he kills one of them without intention, while – in order not to leave witnesses – he has no choice but to they sat next to each other.

Then begins a pursuit of the empire to find him, something that they finally achieve in the third episode, even if – of course – he can escape.

As seen in the first three chapters, the decision to see Andor or not is quite clear. He deserves the chance to see what will come in the next episodes.

What if Disney Plus is so confident in the series, as to have closed a second season of 12 episodes, it is because the product must be attractive enough to take this risk.

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