8 unusual food combinations: from hunger to hope

No matter what time we live in, we always need entertainment to help us escape our daily routine. Someone goes to the gym, someone bets on the 22 Bet on me casino, and someone likes to cook. And despite the fact that in the age of information technology, people have become much less likely to cook at home – we all started going to restaurants more often and ordering dishes in cafes with home delivery – the culinary secrets they still exist in every family. If you decide to cook dinner at home, but do not want to cook trivial dishes, in this article we will talk about combinations of unusual flavors that you should try.

Meat and Chocolate

To most people, this combination probably sounds weird, but for Mexicans it’s completely familiar. One of the signature dishes of a standard Mexican family is mole sauce. It is a lightly spiced chocolate with peanuts and sesame seeds. It is usually served with beef or poultry dishes. Mexicans believe that the thick consistency and rich flavor of this sauce is ideal with roast meat.

Chicken and Honey

Many of you have probably tried pizza with chicken and pineapple, but almost no one often makes chicken with honey. This combination is very popular among the people of Thailand. They say that thanks to this “sauce” the meat is very soft, and the taste is unique. In addition, this chicken is often sprinkled with sesame seeds on top.

Pineapple and Cheese

At first glance, these products seem to be absolutely incompatible, but in fact they not only harmonize well with each other, but are also well absorbed. Pineapple is popular for the sweetness it brings to meat and cheese, especially blue cheeses, as well as the flavors of ripe and matted cheeses. The only combination that should be avoided best is pineapple and pickled cheeses like feta.

Strawberries and black pepper

Very often, we eat strawberries as a dessert, for example, with yogurt or as part of various desserts. But the best chefs in the world advise you to try sprinkling this delicious berry with freshly ground black pepper. A very spicy combination is obtained. In this way, these berries can be served as a snack or garnish for meat.

Hot chocolate and Chile

Interestingly, the ancient Aztecs loved to drink hot chocolate flavored with hot peppers. This combination has many advantages, in addition to the taste: the drink tones, gives strength and also warms the cold season and, according to Aztec legend, even brings wisdom.

Melon and Ham

This combination is often found in Italian cuisine. In this country, melon with ham or ham is a national summer dish, served at both gala receptions and home dinners. A snack helps to cool off on a hot day and also increases appetite before the main meal. It is recommended to drink this dish exclusively with dry white wine.

Coffee and salt

Surprisingly, salt neutralizes the bitterness of coffee beans and makes the drink taste milder. This drink is especially useful in the summer season: it helps to restore the body’s water-salt balance.

Prawns and zucchini

The combination of zucchini and fried prawns can often be found in Italian cuisine. In addition to the fact that the tastes of these two products complement each other perfectly, zucchini also contributes to the easy absorption of protein foods.

If you want to diversify into a traditional family dinner, try one of the above food combinations. Experimenting in the kitchen is always fun!

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