6 food ideas for your bingo night

The game of bingo has become one of the most popular online games and is growing in popularity all the time. It is also one of the best games that are played on game nights across the country as people still have virtual entertainment nights.

However, it’s a game you don’t want to play with messy or sticky fingers, or a smart device, or a real physical bingo card. Here are some healthy and tasteful ideas for six-finger meals for your bingo night to avoid messy bingo cards or smudged smart screens.


Whether cut and presented intelligently or left whole (depending on the fruit), this is always a great choice for eating with your fingers. Fruit is also a great healthy option that will keep players satisfied and provide the energy and enjoyment they need.

The most popular presentation of fruit on a bingo night is as antipasti skewers or on cocktail sticks that allow players / players to eat without mess. It’s worth reiterating that no one wants messy hands or a sticky screen when playing real money online bingo.

Try interesting combinations like melon and Parma ham, apple and cheese, or base them on a specific theme, but keep them free from dripping or fruit juice.


As long as they are delicate enough to eat in one bite, canapé is the perfect food for your fingers. You can put whatever you want in it and have fun putting them in layers with the things you like best.

There are so many canapé ideas and recipes online that you won’t find it hard to find something for everyone’s tastes, and these are also a great choice for being fully vegetarian.

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Mini pizzas

The mini pizza is a staple and can also offer a variety of options, flavors and textures. They’re easy to make and while they’ve been on the children’s party menu for years, they haven’t grown up on the adult table.

It’s an opportunity to experiment with all the ingredients you might not risk on a full-size pizza. They will be great for a bingo night.

A table of cheeses

Cheese and wine are a perfect combination of bingo, and the cheese table or plate is an exemplary food for bingo. You will need a full assortment of cheeses and may ask guests in advance if there are any preferences and which cheeses are not us.

Cheese is amazing to eat as a snack, either in cookies or as such, but it can also be very divisive (think of strong, stinky blue cheeses that you like or hate), so make sure you and yours guests. I like.

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Chips and Dip

These are the fillings that are required at any party, casino or bingo night. Choose simple french fries or omelette chips, then take sauces that are full of flavor but not too messy or fluid.

Keep the sauces thick, like hummus and guacamole, and the combination of chips and sauce will make guests happy in the long run.

Crispy coated cauliflower

It has become a bit of a fad, and panko or tempura-covered cauliflower is one of the appetizers of the moment.

Whether it’s battered and baked, or battered and fried, anything with a crunchy, tasty coating is something you want to be a part of your finger food dishes on a great bingo night.

Cauliflower is the filling of the moment and a healthy and tasty option. Alternatively, serve any other vegetables that can be covered, coated and crispy in the fryer.

Keep in mind that you will have the bingo card in your hand or the smart device that will be used to play online and therefore you will not want sticky or messy fingers.

Provide good hand wipes and make sure the finger food you choose from the wide variety out there is appropriate and appropriate for the type of bingo you have chosen to play.

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