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5 reasons why you should eat sourdough bread

There’s nothing like sourdough bread. It’s tasty, nutritious and so much more. There are plenty of sourdough bread recipes, like these from Natasha Krajnc, so you can bake all day. There’s a lot to love!

Let’s say you’re not sold yet; but don’t be afraid. We’re here with a few reasons why you shouldn’t be bitter about sourdough bread. Here are 5 reasons to enjoy this delicious carbohydrate miracle.

1. It is easy to digest

Standard white bread can be a bit difficult for some people to digest, especially if your stomach is sensitive. Most people find that sourdough bread is a little easier to digest thanks to the composition of bacteria and yeast in the breast. The starches in grains break down before the food fully reaches your stomach, which means there’s less work for your body to do when you’re trying to process it.

2. Better nutritional value than other breads

Another great thing about sourdough bread is that it has better nutritional value than other varieties of bread. The fermentation process that helps make sourdough bread makes the bread contain less phytate, which means your body is more likely to absorb the bread’s nutrients. Sourdough bread is also full of antioxidants and nutrients. Similarly, bread sometimes tastes and smells much better too. Bottom line, eating sourdough bread is a great way to get more good nutrients into your diet and it tastes delicious. It is an ideal alternative to normal bread.

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3. It can be good for weight loss

One of the biggest problems with bread is that it is often quite high in calories. This is not ideal if you are trying to follow a calorie counting diet. However, if you’re desperate for bread in your diet, don’t worry—sourdough bread is a great option. Nutritional values ​​can vary depending on the ingredients used, but sourdough bread often has about 90 calories per slice of bread. In addition to this, it contains a large amount of fiber. Sourdough bread is also unprocessed, so you don’t have to deal with extra unhealthy ingredients that can add to the calorie count. For reference, most white bread has about 130 calories per slice, so that’s a big difference when you count calories. You can eat more bread for fewer calories with sourdough bread!

4. Does not contain chemicals

A lot of regular bread, especially commercially made bread, contains chemicals. These chemicals are not the best for your body. On the other hand, however, there are only three main ingredients in sourdough bread, and that is water, flour and salt. As such, sourdough bread is healthier because it does not contain additives, unlike most other breads. It’s part of the reason people tend to prefer the taste of sourdough bread: it’s more organic.

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5. It is a good choice for diabetics

If you are diabetic and really want some bread, sourdough can be a good option. The fermentation process involved in making sourdough bread can cause a reduction in the number of starches present. Sourdough bread has a glycemic index of less than 48. This is great because it means it’s less likely to cause you blood sugar problems; it is much less likely to rise suddenly when you eat sourdough bread. You don’t have to risk your blood sugar levels going out of balance. In addition to this, sourdough bread is also great for making sure you stay full for longer.

As with anything, you should check with your doctor to make sure that sourdough bread will be right for your diet if you are diabetic, but for the most part, studies have shown that sourdough bread is a good choice for people with diabetes.


So, should you be eating sourdough bread? Absolutely! Naturally, we all want to eat something that’s tasty, and sourdough bread definitely hits that box. It’s also much healthier than most other types of bread, and with such a low number of calories per slice, it’s ideal for calorie-counting diets. Most people can eat sourdough bread without a problem, making it perfect for people with specific dietary needs.

If you’re looking for an alternative to regular white bread, sourdough bread is one of the best options out there. Plus, it can be a lot of fun to make from scratch. Check out some recipes online to see what you can make!

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