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5 reasons to subscribe to Disney Plus in 2023 versus Netflix — Conocedores.com

While several of the platforms of streaming will have a complex year, the entertainment giant will have a great year full of premieres and proposals that will put them on top of other services. Therefore, we review 5 reasons to subscribe to Disney Plus in 2023 versus Netflix or HBO Max or Paramount Plus.

Netflix started 2023 in a complete way. It comes from a 2022 where it lost subscribers, there are no accounts with a library with which it can release titles from producers and distributors such as Warner Bros., DC, Paramount, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, 20th Century Studios or MGM, since they will be in the hands of other platforms. It also has restrictions with Universal and Sony (although in the United States it has Sony’s first window, but not for Latin America).

The Big N is becoming Apple TV Plus in a way, since Apple’s platform has 100% original content. Although Apple has a considerably higher budget and it is seen in each of their series and movies. From the level of production, to the actors and directors they hire.

HBO Max will also have a tough year. After the purchase of Warner Bros. in collaboration with Discovery, the HBO Max and Discovery Plus platforms will be unified in a single application in the middle of the year. Although it is not confirmed that there will be a price increase, there is no doubt that it will when adding the contents and the brand new company shows an erratic compartment where it wants to take the brand.

Instead, Disney has a promising year. On the one hand, the return of Bob Iger as CEO of the company has been well received by the industry and Disney Plus is one of its spoiled children.

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Disney Plus in 2023 vs. Netflix:

1) The calendar of films released by Disney Plus will be among the strongest, including the films Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever (February 1, 2023), Avatar 2: The Way of Water (second semester), Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and The Marvel, in a long list.

2) The same will happen with the series. New seasons and new shows arrive, including The Mandalorian Season 3 (March 1), What If… Season 2, Secret Invasion, Loki Season 2 and Ahsoka.

3) In Latin America, along with Combo Plus is the only streaming platform to have live sports from ESPN through Star Plus.

4) No price increases are expected for the year. Although everything can vary, the last increase was made in the United States in December 2022. It will be necessary to see if there is any adjustment in any particular market, such as Argentina, which last year recorded an annual inflation of 94% and Disney did not update. their values.

5) Through Star Plus, there are all seasons of The Simpsons, plus much of the 20th Century Studios catalog and original productions for Latin America and Spain, as well as others produced by Hulu in the United States (also owned by Disney).

Disney, like Apple, has a big back and its revenue is not solely dependent on subscribers. The company receives profits both from the films it releases in cinemas, as well as its theme parks, hotels, cruises and franchises. With what is in a higher position than, for example, Netflix which depends 100% on its subscribers.

And this advantage makes it possible to count on a support to not have to increase prices continuously, to offer a better service and more series and films, many of which go from the cinema to the platform in a few weeks.

Without a doubt, if you have to choose a platform to subscribe to in 2023, this is it Disney Plus (and in Latin America, take advantage of the Combo Plus options).

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