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5 reasons not to subscribe to Paramount Plus in 2023 — Conocedores.com

It is incredible how behind such an important company as the former CBS, then ViacomCBS and today converted to Paramount, with a portfolio of renowned brands, such as the CBS network itself, Paramount Pictures, Showtime, MTV and more, has not able to materialize everything. your fund on a platform of streaming that is at par with its competitors. Here are 5 reasons not to subscribe to Paramount Plus in 2023 as a result of its launch.

The situation is worse in Latin America, but in the United States, the confusion of who is behind the company is such that the decision is now being made to unite the platforms of Paramount Plus and Showtime in a single proposal. The original name of the merger is «Paramount + with Showtime».

We have to agree on the prompt union of HBO Max with Discovery Plus, although the WarnerBros team. Discovery seems to have a degree of greater creativity and the name of the union would simply be «Max».

Back to the reasons not to subscribe to Paramount Plus in 2023, let’s review:

1. Despite almost two years since its launch in the region, Paramount+ has still not managed to have all the series and movies on its streaming service subtitled in Spanish. Historic titles such as “The Good Wife” are still available only in English (or dubbed into Spanish) or with Portuguese or Swedish subtitles. We do not understand Swedish subtitles in Latin America, but if you are interested, you can find it. It is also rare that the titles that are subtitled in Spanish appear as “Español Mexicano”. But this detail is minor.

2. There is no option to choose the image quality of a video, and the 4K library does not exist.

3. After more than one year has passed for the Profiles sum, Paramount Plus does not offer the Up Next or A Continuación option. That is, once the chapter of a series ends, the next one does not automatically play.

4. There are no descriptions about the chapters of the series.

5. Far from being exclusive, its library shares many titles with other platforms. Includes Top Gun Maverick, original production of Paramount Pictures, in Latin America can be seen on Star Plus. And so with many titles that are shared with HBO Max or Prime Video.

We could go on about the user interface itself and the limited library, which are far from the promised mountain of entertainment and which will fall far short of its main rivals such as Disney Plus, HBO Max and Netflix.

2023 seems like another year to say “pass” to Paramount Plus. While, you can try for one month free Prime Video or Apple TV Plus for 7 days (click here)as a way to access new content.

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