4 Tips for Saving and Making Money

Obviously you are like everyone else and want to save money. This is completely normal, especially at the moment with the approaching economic crisis. Times have been very complicated since the arrival of Covid-19 in our lives. And without a doubt, look for good plans to save money, even to earn it. There are some tricks you can implement to make a few cents. How to do ? What are these tricks? Today ABC money tell you everything!

Tip 1: Coupons

It’s a trick as old as the world, and yet if you’re like most French people, you never use them. And yet, you have many everywhere. In fact, when you make your purchases, it is common for the cashier to give you discount coupons with your receipt. Don’t look or throw. What a mistake ! It is essential to preserve and use them. Sure, the sums will look tiny, but when you add them up, you’ll save a lot of money. In addition, if you are interested in the beginning, you can also find it on the Internet. Some websites specialize in coupons that you can print and use in-store! No small savings, remember!

Tip 2: Promotional codes

If you are used to buying online like many French people from confinement, you know there are promotional codes which allows you to reduce the cost of your shopping cart at the time of your purchase. These codes are given by the brands, in the emails. But not only that. You need to be smart and motivated, and systematically look for promotional codes when shopping online. Influencers on social media and especially on Instagram regularly give nice codes that you can use. You can also go to specialized sites and look for a code that reduces the total cost of your purchases. It’s a great way to save money, especially right now!

Tip 3: Refund

Have you ever heard of Cashback? Places like IGraal or EBuyClub, for example, are among the most famous places in this field. Keetiz is also a site that specializes in this sector, and has the advantage of allow Cashback in some face-to-face stores. Cashback is the ability to accumulate money when you make your purchases. On the web, just sign up and then activate the browser extension. So, as soon as you visit a partner store, you are informed. Cashback varies from brand to brand, but can be as high as 20%. So, if you spend 200 euros, you will have 20 euros in cashback. In general, you have to reach 20 euros to be able to request the transfer to your bank account. It is a reliable system that has been proven for quite some time. So it’s time to embark on this adventure too!

Tip 4: Sponsorship

Finally, the last trick we’re talking about today is sponsorship. In fact, on various websites, you have the opportunity to sponsor. If you liked a product and recommend it to someone close to you, you can receive an amount for the purchase of the latter. These sums may seem small, but again, it is the amount that will count. You will be rewarded of all purchases made thanks to you. And it’s getting easier once you get started. It’s like a small business job that can pay off! You become a bit of a brand ambassador and therefore get money. After all, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it if you like the product and want to praise its merits. You can do this for most of your shopping, so don’t forget and have fun advertising your favorite brands!

As you can see, there are no small gains. Quite the contrary! By implementing these little tricks, you will be able to do just that to earn money, save money and get to the end of the month if you’re smart. Just put these tips in place and consider activating them regularly. By doing the math, you’ll be amazed to see that you’ve finally managed to not only save money but also make some money. Come on, it’s up to you!

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