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Whether for a taste of the weekend or a special family celebration, prepare a grill or barbecue at home it is a great opportunity to enjoy the taste of meat or chicken and spend a pleasant time where one or more members become expert grillers. For this experience to be 100% successful, there are certain steps before cooking that you need to consider.

Valentin Dupuy, Zoyla Restaurante’s chief chef and grill expert, offers some techniques and recommendations:

  1. Have our cuts of meat at room temperature. Take them out of the fridge 1 hour before placing them on the grill. American roast, steak eye, fine entrails and tomahawk are the most recommended cuts.
  2. Be patient with the fire. Wait for the charcoal to turn bright red, do not use charcoal with black parts.
  3. The temperature must be optimal. To realize we can put our hand about 3 inches on the grill and count a few seconds. If we have to take our hand off the grill for 4 to 7 seconds, then we are fine with the fire to start cooking.
  4. Salt the meats when placing them on the grill. Doing so before makes little sense if they are individual pieces. Enjoy the moment and try to offer the best of yourself to each of your guests.
  5. Accompany with a good garnish and a glass of red wine. A fresh salad and potatoes is the most recommended. Good company, a glass of some rich wine and a lot of desire to talk. The perfect match always depends on the time we are willing to live. Sometimes it is not up to us the wine that comes to our table when we have guests eager to thank the moment. What you need to keep in mind is that the less fat outside the cuts we cook, the less wine the barrel needs. Direct relationship would be (speaking of Nothing of course), the leaner the younger the court the wine.
To have a good grill at home you need to follow the advice of the experts.  (Photo: Zoyla Restaurant)
To have a good grill at home you need to follow the advice of the experts. (Photo: Zoyla Restaurant)

And if you still don’t feel ready for the challenge, the specialist recommends starting the barbecues with medium cuts (2 cm wide). “You can start practicing temperature management with a book-type open chicken (with bone). This way you will have to use a good amount of charcoal, you will be taking care of your lice for no less than 45 minutes trying to maintain the same temperature. To achieve this you will have to pay attention to your fire, which you will have to feed on coal repeatedly, taking care not to suffocate or use it so much as to stay unreserved. Once accustomed to handling fire you can start experimenting with really delicate cuts or whole basic cuts. So; first and foremost advice, learn how to handle the intensity and durability of the fire, to then become expeditious to the world of meats, pizzas, vegetables and grilled fishing “share Valentin Dupuy of Zoyla Restaurant featuring its wood-fired pizzas, delicious Wagyu burgers and juicy cuts of pork and nothing accompanied by classic, flavorful garnishes.

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