4 ideas for making money with Tik Tok

of our time, Social Networks form powerful levers for generate revenue. But you still have to know how to do it. Throughout this brief guide, you will learn tricks per make money with tik tok.

we can’t to guarantee that will work. Earnings via such platforms have a random side. But it worked for some users. Better yet, they have turned it into a permanent source of financial returns.

So here are some of them ideas. I hope they help you get to the end of the month … or more!

1. Post original and shocking videos

If we quote this advice first, it is because this is the basis of success in Tik Tok. Without one content interesting, it will cost you to gather an audience. And without an audience … no income.

Is find out which area you can highlight. Have you ever been told yes? a special skill ? Do you feel ready to exploit it?

It’s now or never. That being said, don’t expect immediate progress. Sometimes, despite all the efforts we can make, the sauce doesn’t catch on. Therefore, it is necessary to change their tactics.


  • the lyp-sync it still has its effect, but it causes some fatigue. If you are just starting out from Tok, why not consider a different approach?
  • When you start, you may be tempted tanned. Be careful though: some topics are very sensitive. The provocation aimed at making “points of view” runs the risk of turning against …
  • Never give up duplicate content. Plagiarizing even a snippet of the competition will get you in trouble quickly. Plus, it’s illegal!
  • Find out carefully Copyright before producing a video for from Tok. Depending on the case, this makes it difficult to publish in some countries.

2. Use your account as a promotional space

He announcement, normally works. He announcement which does not seem no be part of it … it’s even better!

Once you’ve established your reputation and reached a specific audience, this community has real potential. marketing.

We distinguish two main types of promotion:

  • What could I do for your own products. If you have one Shopify Storefor example.
  • What constitutes promote a brand. It is the work of influencers.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it is not necessary to have them millions of subscribers to embark a campaign in Tiktok. In fact, if you manage to play perspectives originals, this is a great asset. It may be enough hit a specific targetatypical, to begin with generate revenue.

3. Take advantage of the “Diamond Program”

Often the diamond program it is of particular concern to those who have it already has a solid reputation in Tik Tok. But that doesn’t stop us from having good surprises. A viral video can quickly cause an avalanche of gifts.

Again, this is a matter of luck. Some users have created a large fan base with just a few choreographies. Others are still waiting to see how the meter rises. That said, the more you are will share your videos are more likely to circulate.

In all cases, the diamond program has potential. Those who like your content have the opportunity to send it to you virtual gifts. But the money you get against these giftshe … is not virtual!

4. Benefit from the “Creator Fund”

This time, he must have come a long way from Tok before considering this option. In fact, the Creator’s background it is not open only to some tiktokers. It is necessary…

  • they have arrived a certain threshold of followers (100,000).
  • Accumulate 10,000 views or more in all your content over the last month.
  • To be major.

Too, only certain countries are affected by this offer. Apart from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain … the program does not exist.

If you meet all these conditions, it will be possible to earn money. In this case, it is not the community that finances its idols. Is from Tokor more precisely a lower managed by the social networkwho cares.

5. Create partnerships

He associations they also have potential. You can sign in with another Tik Tok account owner. According to the terms agreed upon by you, you will then be able to provide mutual promotion. As we say, Unity is strengthisn’t that right

Ideally, we choose consistent partners. Those who have a direct or indirect link with your content. But a diversification it is successful in some cases. After all, it is never possible to fully anticipate what will interest an audience. And imagine when the spark will lead to the explosion.

Success, then! Keep in mind, however, that a quick fortune is only possible thanks to the luck factor that we have not mentioned here. You shouldn’t expect to become a millionaire by posting 1 video a day, an audience, subscribers, a community is a long-term job.

Make Money With Tik Tok: The Golden Egg Goose?

Yes, some people make a living from tik tok. Is possible. But we do not advise you to give up your studies or your career in order to bet everything.

the sort factor it is too important. We don’t know for how long social network will continue to be so successful.

If you still want to try it, you have to find an identity. It’s not necessarily about reinventing the genre. But a strategy is preferable.

One thing’s for sure: when you “overtake” on this type of community platform, the snowball effect is fast. To earn money lets … earn even more. At times like these, wishing they would come, keep your head cool. think of you to renew. Don’t lose touch with yours fan base.

A la Social Networks, success can go away as soon as it arrives. So take advantage of your eventual Success story activated from Tok… But keep your feet on the ground! Or landing can be difficult.

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