3 Alternative Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system helps keep viruses, bacteria and toxins at bay. It also removes unhealthy cells from the body and regulates various bodily functions. It is important to take care of your health, especially when it comes to keeping your immune system in good shape. Here are 3 ways to avoid this:

1. Use an IV drip for hydration

Not many people realize the importance of drinking enough water to boost their immune system. Every person is different, but you should try to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. When you drink enough water, you eliminate toxins, your blood is oxygenated, and your vital organs function to the fullest.

The blood is the vast majority. It carries cells that fight infections all over the body. When you are dehydrated, it slows down the movement of the lymph, so that your immune system does not function as it should. Even if you don’t exercise, just breathing means you lose water, and you also lose it through sweating, urine, and bowel movements. You need to drink enough water.

Under certain circumstances, such as when you have a stomach flu or are ill, it can be difficult to drink the amount of water you need to keep your system hydrated. That’s when a IV drip can make a difference. Drip hydration, infinite well-being and medical offer of hydration at home IV hydration in Concord NC. A drip administered by qualified nurses will help you stay hydrated. If you want to recover from an illness more quickly, you can feed your immune system with an IV drip that contains a combination of IV fluids and high doses of vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants.

2. Go to the sauna

Taking regular saunas seems to have the ability to improve your health. Sweating, we enjoy the feeling of opening our pores and getting relief from a long day. Spending limited time in a closed sauna is one way to experience that satisfaction. Exposing your body to warm temperatures causes your blood to pump, just like when you exercise. Studies suggest that a visit to the sauna can have several health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. People who regularly jump in the sauna may see a reduced risk of heart attack or stroke.

Exposure to extreme cold has also been shown to have health benefits. Wim Hof, “The Iceman,” popularized the concept that exposure to cold can lead to a better functioning immune system and other health benefits. Athletes often incorporate ice baths and cold showers into their routines today. Fitness experts call this “environmental conditioning.”

3. Eat foods that contain probiotics

Probiotics help balance bacteria in the gut. They are sometimes called “good” bacteria. They have several health benefits, such as heart health and digestion. They also support immune health.

It makes sense that probiotics can support immune health because many of the cells that create antibodies to fight disease are in the gut. If you have a healthy gut, you may be less likely to get sick. Probiotics occur naturally in fermented and cultivated foods such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut.

Acidophilus, found in yogurt, could support the immune system, according to a 2020 meta-analysis published in the journal Food Bioscience. Always read the yogurt label before you buy it, as it should contain active or live cultures to benefit your gut health and your immune system.

Kefir is a beverage that contains live cultures of bacteria and yeast. According to Review 2017Numerous studies show that regular consumption of kefir can help reduce inflammation and fight bacteria, as well as promote antioxidant activity.

Sauerkraut is a finely ground fermented cabbage that has probiotic qualities and many vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Getting probiotics from food seems to have the advantage of taking probiotic supplements. The gut microbiome changes as you eat at a faster rate than other parts of the body. Fermentation of food can also make other nutrients more bioavailable.

A word of caution: too many probiotics can cause gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. Having a compromised immune system and introducing new bacteria into your body can slow down the healing process.

Introducing live bacteria into your body will not compensate for not eating a healthy, balanced diet. Some foods can lead to a weak immune system and make you more susceptible to disease. Eating alcohol, sugar, and regularly processed foods can cause inflammation and chronic conditions such as heart disease.

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