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These are not good times for the big N streaming service. In the first two quarters of 2022, it lost 1.2 million subscribers, but it hopes to add a million users with its new plan with advertising. however, according to a study, 25% of subscribers (click here) plan to switch Netflix to another platform.

This report reveals the bad times Netflix is ​​going through and the great opportunities that will be presented to the rest of its competitors, including Disney Plus, HBO Max, Paramount Plus and Star Plus (in Latin America).

Despite the situation, Netflix is ​​still the most popular platform in the world, although it seems that it will not be able to hold on for long. Beyond its new plan with advertising that will be cheaper, the company faces a big problem. Much of the content that could previously be seen on their service will now move to other streamers.

For example, all Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars material went one-verse exclusively on Disney Plus.

With some exceptions, 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios) titles are sold on Hulu and Disney Plus (in the United States) and Star Plus (in Latin America)-

The library of Warner Bros. and DC, comes only on HBO Max.

And Paramount’s productions are limited – with exceptions – to Paramount Plus, which still has a lot of outsourced material.

A measure that ended the contracts that Netflix had with the big content producers, the company will only be able to make an agreement with independent companies and depending on their original productions, in a strategy similar to that used by Apple TV Plus, although without the back. financial position that Apple has.

With this situation, 25% of the Americans surveyed wanted to change Netflix for another platform is not a novelty.

Which platform to switch to Netflix?

The options today are many, especially if we think about the different targets. The Combo Plus in Latin America, which adds the contents of Disney Plus and Star Pluswhich includes ESPN’s live sports, is one of the most attractive propositions, as there is content for all ages and a differential in front of the rest: the live matches of the main sports tournaments such as football, ​​​​tennis, motoring, rugby and more.

HBO Max is another great option, thanks to its successful original series, such as The House of The Dragon, plus Warner Bros. and DC Comics, along with Cartoon Networks.

Apple TV Plus shows off its multi-million dollar budget in each of its series and films. Although the subscription price may be a bit high for Latin America (US$ 4.99) its library is being consolidated with its original productions, and its series and films are being awarded, such as the cases of CODA (Oscar winner) or the comedy Ted Lasso.

Paramount Plus in Latin America still needs to evolve: from the lack of subtitles in a high percentage of its library to the absence of sports (which can be seen in the United States), there are no more attractions despite its price

And Prime Video still has a lot of licensed material, having MGM’s huge library and, of course, its original productions that are gaining more and more audiences.

Lots of trial periods, so probably before switching Netflix is ​​also a good option.

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