2021, How to Save Money on Your Insurance Policy

With the health crisis, our habits have changed. Some cars have spent three quarters of the year in the garage, we have taken better care of our health and our home … It’s time to take stock of your specific insurance needs, in order to save money on your 2021 contracts.

How To Save On Your Car Insurance

During the spring 2020 confinement, the number of car claims fell by 75%. Which means, for insurers, millions of savings and for you, users, reduced premiums for 2021!

Take advantage of frozen rates

In this context, many car insurance companies have announced that they will freeze their rates for the year 2021. If this is not the case for you, not only will you not save a penny, but also you will have to face an increase. from 1 to 2%! Then you have three options:

  • Send a certified letter with a receipt to your insurer, asking for a business gesture towards you, highlighting how little you drove last year, or mentioning how the health crisis has affected your personal finances.
  • Ask your insurer to establish a contract that takes into account the miles actually traveled, or to cover a maximum of 10,000 miles per year.
  • Terminate your contract and opt for an insurance company willing to offer you better guarantees. Follow this link to compare insurance and choose the one that best fits your budget and coverage requirements.

How To Save On Home Insurance

In today’s healthcare context, you’ve probably never spent so much time at home! The opportunity or never to review the different options that appear in your home insurance contract, in order to save a few euros in 2021. In fact, like most French people, you have certainly taken advantage of the confinement to take care of your home like never before. . From DIY to maintenance work, you have avoided as many claims as possible! Not to mention the number of thefts, practically reduced to zero during the spring of 2020 … Do not hesitate to ask your insurer to take these elements into account, especially in anticipation of a year 2021 which also has many possibilities to take three-quarters of the time at home.

How To Save On Your Health Insurance

Did you take advantage of the latest confinement to change your smoking cessation habits? Potential savings on your health insurance! There is no need to pay a fixed price to quit smoking if you do. Also, over the past year, you have felt more in solidarity than ever with your loved ones. Get inspired by this new trend of taking out supplemental health insurance that includes all family members – your health budget has everything to gain!

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