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11 menu ideas for student themed parties

Do you love the party? We bet yes! Like every student who can finally be creative and express themselves, you want every party to be special. Especially the ones you organize.

However, inventing a great theme and then planning all the smallest details is not easy. In addition, all of this planning must be within a very limited student budget.

Costumes and menus must be the most difficult task because they require both creativity and skills. However, what if we say that cooking can be made easy? What if your themed menu could be creative and simple?

Yes, it’s hard to believe. Cooking for parties is usually time consuming. For many people, this is the most tedious part of event planning. It reminds them a bit of the essay writing process. You need to prepare yourself before you even start writing.

However, as you know, the problem of essay writing can be easily solved. All you have to do is go to one essay essay writer service he will do his best to fix things for you. You can also use party catering help, but first, check out some of the options we’ve selected for you.

Puff pastry screws

If you want to impress your guests with a tasty and pleasant-looking dish, puff pastry snails are the best choice for all parties. All you have to do is buy dough and ingredients like ham and cheese and make it the main course of your party buffet.

Spring rolls

Why do you think spring rolls can only be cooked by McDonald’s and KFC? Why not turn it into a main course for your party? It is very easy to cook, but it is always the best choice. All you need to buy is filo pastry and a little peanut sauce, sesame and sweet chili to win the heart (and stomach) of your friends.


If the theme of your party is in any way related to Italy, all you have to do to delight your guests is cook bruschetta. It won’t take much time and money; however, you can definitely help your guests and enjoy Italian cuisine.


Whether you choose to order pizza or cook it yourself, this is always the best option for all parties. In addition, sweets such as pizza can be adapted to any subject. It can go well with Italian or American parties or it can be adapted to any other theme. For example, you can create pizza monsters or animal faces. Anything that best suits your needs.

Puff pastry cake

Cakes can be a perfect treat for parties with a large number of people. It should definitely be one of the menu items you should consider. They are very easy to cook, but they look very attractive and can be adapted to any theme you have chosen for your party.

Star Snacks

Suppose the theme of your party is not related to space; do not you worry. You can tailor star snacks to any other theme. All you have to do is store some cookies and cheese and think about how to make them a perfect choice for your particular party.

Themed sandwiches

Here comes a very popular and very simple delicacy that can be adapted to literally any subject that comes to mind. All you have to do is play with the shape and apply a little creativity to the cooking process.


The kebab will suit any themed party, especially if it has oriental motifs. A roll with meat and vegetables will be well received by the most demanding guests. In addition, you can also play with the shape of making cake skewers or star skewers, for example.

Mossos de toast

Suppose you have access to a grill, great. Otherwise, a microwave or regular oven will be served. All you have to do is buy French bread, cut it into slices and then bake it for a while and then season it with tomato and cheese. Trust us; there is no chance of anyone rejecting it.

Jelly Pops

In addition to the main delicacies, you have to think of something sweet and delicious to surprise your guests. Jelly Pops can be that delicious. They are very easy to cook. However, they are colorful and nice-looking. You can experiment with the size and shape as much as you want, tailoring this dish to any theme.

Bread pallets

Another dessert you can cook for your guests is a loaf of bread. It’s very easy to cook and can really help you diversify your party buffet. You can buy these sticks and serve them with melted chocolate. Or you can bake them yourself and cover them with sprinkles. What comes to mind is good.

Take away

Selecting the party menu can intimidate you. Some people are so afraid of planning a buffet that they are willing to give up the party. However, don’t worry. Some of the ideas suggested above can help you minimize the stress of cooking. At the same time, you will surprise your guests, for sure. So don’t hesitate and try them all!

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