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▷ Which Casino Games are the most Profitable?

Which casino games are more profitable?

I want to know which casino games I can win more money with

In which casino games have a higher and lower house edge?

With which casino games can we minimize the banking advantage of an online casino?

comic illustration house bank playing poker

Types of games by profitability:

Casino games are designed so that the players win sometimes, but above all, so that the bank always wins.

The world of gambling and gambling is a business where a lot of money moves, and the casino, whether it’s a physical casino or an online casino, has to ensure its profitability.

How do you get it? Well, in most games of chance, the bank (the casino or betting website) has a profit margin.

This means that of the total money that players bet, not 100% is returned in the form of a prize but a smaller percentage.

Let’s say a particular game has a house edge of 5%. This means that of the total amount of money that the players are betting on a specific game, 5% of that money will never be returned because it is the profit that the casino bank has.

The good news is that this margin in some games can be minimized.

One of the options to minimize this margin of the bank indirectly, is take advantage of the bonds offered by the online casino game pages. Thanks to these promotions, which can be general or for specific games, such as slots, poker or roulette, you can multiply the imports of your deposits, or for example, get free spins or receive refunds of part of the possible losses that may occur have when playing for money.

That’s right, watch them, always, always, always bond conditionssince to be able to withdraw possible profits derived from its use, they will usually have to have bet an amount X times the amount of said bonus.

Going back to the % of commission that the casino applies to their machines or games, you will ask in which games the house has a greater advantageand in which we have a greater ability to power minimize the bank advantage thanks to our skills, strategies and game tactics.

Well, depending on the profitability of each casino game, we can divide into three types. this son ordered from highest to lowest profitabilitythe following:

  • Skill Games
  • Games with Optimized Bets
  • Fixed Odds Games

By this we do not mean that it is better to play some games than others, but it is important that you know the difference between each type of game.

After all, the goal of casino and gambling games is not only to win but to have fun while playing them.

Below we explain the differences between each type of these games:

Skill Games

poker hand

In the games we call “skill” luck plays a minor role.

What will most affect your chances of winning or losing will be your knowledge, practice and skill in the particular game.

These games are mainly two: poker and sports betting:


Poker is a very popular, universal and competitive game.

To play the same it is necessary to have great skill, practice and a lot of patience. This it’s the only way it starts to be profitable.

The mathematical and psychological elements of the game make it recognized as a game of skill that depends almost entirely on the player (with the exception of the randomness of the cards that are dealt).


Although sports betting is not technically a gambling game, it is included in this section for another option if you are looking to maximize your options.

The key to making money with sports betting is to have a deep understanding of the sports statistical landscape (past and present) and as much as possible to have access to insider knowledge.

For example, having useful contacts in horse racing stables.

If you do not have this privileged access, another option is to connect with the sports betting community through forums and discussion websites to exchange opinions and analyze expert advice.

Games with mathematically optimized bets

red dice gambling

In this type of casino games, the game prevails over the player in the last instance, but it is still possible to improve your odds and minimize the house edge by sticking to each other’s mathematically optimized betting systems or strategies of the games .

The strategy to follow to increase the chances of winning in this type of casino game is found in mathematics.

Using statistics and doing mathematical calculations of probabilities, that is optimizing your bets Mathematically speaking, you can achieve significantly minimize the advantage of the bookmaker.

They are the following:


As this Wikipedia article explains, in BlackJack “the advantage for the casino is reduced by the possibility that the player has of seeing one of the dealer’s cards and making decisions about it. (…) However, studies show that even by always playing the player in the most favorable way, the casino still has a small advantage as long as the player ends up passing or staying below the croupier, thus losing his bet.».

The two most well-known tactics to reduce the house edge and to be able to win more money in Black Jack are card counting and following the “basic strategy” of Black Jack.

You can see the Black Jack basic strategy table as well as other tips to win in this card game in the article 11 Essential Tricks to Play Black Jack.


This game of chance, also known as “English pass” or the game of dice in general.

In this online casino game you bet against the bank and it can be very beneficial or very harmful for the bettors, it all depends on the type of bet they choose.

Some plays end in a low or no betting limit while others produce an edge of up to 17%.


In order to beat the house advantage in video poker, you have to play with an optimal strategy.

Even without using any strategy the betting limit in all video poker variants is very small.

Fixed Odds Games

baccarat online casino game

Most online casino games they have a fixed house edge.

This does not mean that players cannot do anything to improve their chances of success, although there are strategies and tricks to win more money (or better yet optimize profits and minimize losses) in all casino games.

It also does not mean that you should not play these games, but in these the ultimate purpose is not profitability but to have fun and spend an exciting time emptying your head.

The most popular odds games in online casinos are as follows:


Both French (classic) and American roulette have a fixed house edge. This is marked by the green box (zero and also double zero in the case of American).

Considering that each spin is statistically independent of the next, it is impossible to develop an optimized betting system such as in Black Jack where cards can be counted.


Baccarat is a very popular card game (James Bond’s favorite in fact).

Its popularity has three main advantages: it is easy to play, it has class and the house edge is extremely low.

This means that you should always bet on the dealer’s hand, but otherwise it is a game where the request is the most important, there is not much skill required.


Slot machines are the most popular game in land-based casinos and online casinos.

This type of gambling, together with all those virtual games based on the generation of random numbers, they have a fixed advantage which is determined by software that generates very long sequences of numbers.

This makes defeating the bank in the long sea impossible, even when they have rounds of bonds in which the capacity of each intervenes a little more.

Normally, you should be able to check the banker’s % profit on each slot on the web page in question. This data should be public, so if it is visible or not found, you can apply to your online casino.

Even so, there are tricks and strategies to optimize your plays so that they pay off as much as possible.


As summarized in this article, we can conclude that, in the long run, the types of games with greater profitability are those where the bank obtains a lower percentage of execution.

As we explained earlier, the games where the bank can intervene less are first skill games, followed by optimized betting games. Of course, the smaller the bank’s profit, the more skill it requires from the player.

Finally, we have fixed odds games, also known as “games of chance”. Games in which the bank’s profit % is always much greater. Although within the same games, there are some with a higher % house advantage than others. For example, in each slot there can be different % profit.

On the other hand, we clarify that each bookmaker decides and chooses the profit % to apply to each specific machine or game. That is to say, that the % is variable, it is not the same for every casino or for every type of game.

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