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▷ What are the Best Materials for Cooking Pots?

What materials do you recommend for cooking pots?

I would like to buy a battery of kitchen pots and pans that will last me a lifetime.

We need to buy pots and we don’t know which ones to choose.

I’m looking for information on different pot materials. I know what to do aluminium, stainless steel, iron and ceramicsbut I don’t know which one is better.

different materials of pots for cooking

Tips for choosing the best material for a pot

It doesn’t matter if you were one of those people who usually eat well, in a healthy way, or not. Maybe you are one of those who enjoy good preparation or slow cooking, letting the juices of the food soak in well, or of those people who get home late and usually settle for something simple and quick. Be that as it may, we all cook at some point, to a lesser or greater extent.

With greater or lesser dedication, the preparation of a meal is part of our daily life, so having the right utensils and elements to do so becomes a priority for the whole house. In addition, it is also important to know some techniques and tricks to save time (and money) in the kitchen. I’m sure many of them don’t know them and thank us!

We already know that there is an immense variety of kitchen utensils. From sets of pans to baking trays, knives for different functions, salad containers, colanders, spatulas, skimmers, graters… Of course, not all elements of the kitchen have to be professional or first class quality, but especially items such as pans, pots, pans and saucepans should have the higher quality and durability.

In this world, which is the field of cooking, there is no one who does not consider it important to have quality pots to prepare their lunches and dinners. The cooking cereals and pasta, or the preparation of sauces and stewsthey make one of the questions that will be analyzed the most before buying these objects, is to recognize the type of material with which they are prepared.

This will affect not only the taste of your meals, but will ensure that you will not be given a game of pots (few things are more frustrating than dancing asseders), and you’ll avoid having to soak and scrape off possible leftovers that have stuck on.

Therefore, today we will see what are the best materials for pots to make cooking at home a unique and lasting experience:

What does the material affect?

At the time of visiting the different stores with kitchen products and analyzing the different offers of kitchen pots available, a lot of doubts will start to arise. What size pot should I buy?, what is the best price for a set?, What type of material is best for cooking?

Although all the questions are valid, the last one is the one that will influence our cooking experience the most.

The materials that make up the pots directly affect cookingso it is extremely important to take into account the characteristics of each one to know the type of pot we are buying.

The material also affects a lot in the duration of the pot, cazo or cazuela. But not only the material, but also the finishes and the rivets.

We tell you which are the most common materials:

Aluminum pots

Beyond thinking about the quality-price ratio, you must consider the following: A very popular material is aluminumwhich has a comparatively lower price that of other materials. This makes it interesting, we are not going to worry and obsess about an extreme care of the pot, being able to renew our game without suffering too much. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is a type of material that usually has more wear and tear than others. However, it is recommended to cook simple things.

It is also recommended if you need it a very specific size that you rarely used.

pumped aluminum pot

Stainless Steel Pots

A lot of material more resistant is stainless steel. Pots of this type are usually quite durableby not suffering the wear and tear of each meal, in addition to working much better for keep warm and get your meals well cooked.

They are the most popular pots, they always have been, even if they involve a greater investment. A good purchase is for example one stainless steel pressure cooker.

Ceramic pots

Another type are las ceramic potsotro buen material para la cocina, given that, like stainless steel, it generates a good one heat retention and an even distribution around the entire surface of the pot, a key aspect for the correct cooking of your meals. Of course, they usually belong to one somewhat higher costand is at risk of break them more easily.

set of ceramic pots and pans brand record peru

Iron pots

Finally we have them iron pots. These were used a long time ago, so much for kitchen as for ovenbut at present it is hardly sold in the market because of it weight and difficult handling.

The iron pots they take longer to heat up but also take longer to cool down, in addition to being able to withstand and sustain high temperatures. They can be made of cast iron or cast iron and although their price is high, they can last a lifetime, but you have to keep in mind that if you drop an iron pot on the floor, it can break the floor and, if it is made of cast iron, it can also split in two.

The care of iron pots is greater because they can oxidize. But if you take care of them properly and grease them, they create a natural non-stick layer. In addition, cooking in iron pots gives a special flavor to the food and also provides iron to it.

designer iron pot

What about Teflon?

Regarding teflon: in the last few years, the inclusion of the has been extended to the market Teflon coating especially in pans, due to its non-stick properties.

However, no matter how Teflon is, it requires a lot of care because any minimal scratch causes it to release chemical substances harmful to our health. In addition, exposing to high temperatures also causes the emission of toxic gases.

For pans it might be something you can take into account, however, for pots and pans it might not be necessary, unless you prepare a lot of stews and stir frys with them.

What are the best brands of pots?

Bearing in mind the type of pots that best suit our needs and possibilities, it is necessary to think about all the possible brands to buy. This is something very personal. The best thing is to look for recommendations and opinions, which is now very easy to find on the internet.

In this sense, one of our favorite brands for cooking at home are the Record pots. Pots made in Peru.

Record pots

First because they have many models and designs available. Even special pots for cooking spaghetti.

For those who enjoy having a well-decorated kitchen, in tune with the rest of the furniture and objects that make it up, this type of pots are recommended as they have a varied range of colors and sizes to choose from. Their designs are truly beautiful.

It is also very interesting that it has pots and pans of different materials, mainly aluminium, stainless steel and ceramics.

The Record pots can also be purchased individually, choosing only the products that interest you, or by purchasing the complete set, since they have batteries with models of different sizes and even pans.

The games also come with different quantities of pieces, so you will be able to choose the one you like the most only the sizes you need. As you will see, they are not cheap pots, since they are designer and of high quality. Of course, buying a kitchen faucet is always cheaper than buying the parts separately, so consider this option well.

What is your favorite cookware brand? Which material do you prefer?

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