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▷ Types of Board Games and their Health Benefits

What board games exist and what do they stimulate?

Which board games are suitable for each age?

How can the different board games be classified?

How do games help mentally?

types of board games and mental health benefits

When the marked dates for giving gifts arrive, find the Perfect gift for every member of the family it can be quite a challenge.

A good option is to think about small details for the home or objects that can be used by alland in this way you can save spending on a single gift and it also simplifies the fact of having to think about each person, their tastes and preferences.

Another option is to give something away benefits for physical or mental health of the person, which motivates him to exercise his body or his mind.

In this sense, one of the best options and which generally does not fail is giving away board games, in this way we will also strengthen family ties or friendships, giving away quality time also with the youngest and oldest in the house.

We will talk about them in this article. Of the different types of board games that exist, and more benefits for our body and our personal relationships.

Types of Board Games

hay different types of board games and these are classified according to age and the areas of stimulation they involve. According to these characteristics, they are defined in four large groups:

  • Traditional games
  • Didactic games
  • Games of chance
  • recreational games

We explain below:

Traditional Games

Traditional games are those characteristic of a certain culture and for its general pass from generation to generationthey have easy rules so that they can be understood by everyone from an early age, such as the goose game, family card games, parchís, chapas…

Games of chance

Gambling games are those in which certain prizes are awarded abilities but whoever wins will also do so partly thanks to the chance. It will not only depend on his way of playing or on his intelligence, other factors interact here which do not depend on the player but may or may not occur. This type of games for example, dice, slots or the lottery.

Los juegos de apuestas y azar, apparently have the unique function of earn money and entertainhowever they also stimulate the strategy and memory. So much so, that it has been shown that, for example, playing poker reduces the risk of suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Didactic games

The bear didactic games, are tools through which it is intended to teach some concept especially to children. They stimulate motor and social skills in addition to helping to incorporate knowledge through entertainment and play.

recreational games

Finally we find the recreational games, their objective is the fun. They are ideal for combating stress in adults, for the little ones they incorporate new knowledge, and for playing in groups and sharing for example family board gameswhere all members, regardless of age, can participate and have fun together.

Many of them are more involved creativity, strategy, memory and general knowledge.

risk type table game

Within the recreational games we have the puzzles or puzzles. It is one of the simplest (apparently) and traditional games in the history of board games, and undoubtedly one of the first to be played from a very young age, but which we can also play as adults, because depending on the quantity, size and shape of the piecesas well as the drawing or photograph to put together, the difficulty can be from minimal, as for babies, to extremely difficult.

In addition, there are many types of puzzles. Not just according to his difficulty level due to the drawing, quantity, size and shape of the pieces, as we have already done previously, but also because they can be made of different materialsand included can be in 3 sizeslike the famous rubik’s cube

Benefits of Board Games

Something that has already been more than proven (for example by the University of Harrisburg) is that board games reduce anxiety In addition to being extremely fun and more enriching activities, since the intellect is put into play.

Another benefit that games of this type have is that they serve to socialize, create and maintain personal bondsas well as amuse and entertain, and develop creativity and mental speed.

Board games for children

In the case of board games for children these are ideal for spending entertaining times but also for developing different ones skills, intellectual and motorwhich are also useful to accompany the learning of certain subjects during schooling.

Board games for adults

For their part, the board games for adults involve other challenges, although there are many who are there to spend a good time with the family, there are those who propose to bring to light creative skills, general knowledge as in trivia-type games, or the ability to create complete strategies, such as role-playing games.


Assembling jigsaw puzzles involves a lot observation, classification and time.

There are some tricks and systems you can follow to simplify assembly such as separating the colored pieces and starting at the edges, but in all these actions are necessary. develop above all patience and attention to detail.

They are ideal games for exercise memorymuch more the visual memory, since the image that needs to be formed has to be reconstructed again and again.

In addition, it comes into play concentration and if we manage to enjoy what we are doing, stress decreases.

Regarding another type of skills that can be useful on a day-to-day basis, puzzles allow solve everyday problems, even if it’s a board game, put the same characteristics or actions that have to be developed when faced with a difficulty, observe, identify the problem and find the solution. For that there is that identify the patternsclassify typologies and apply the trial-error method.

Whichever type of board game you choose to give or treat yourself to, they all have many benefits, mainly developing skills: motor, memory, stimulate concentration, memory and thinking. In addition, it helps the concentration and stimulate group relations.

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