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▷ Travel kit for the plane: how to prepare it

Travel kit for hand luggage

How to prepare the travel needs for the hand luggage of the plane?

I’m going to fly with Ryanair, Vueling or Easyjet and I intend to travel nothing else with hand luggage to save checking a bag. The problem is that whenever I go to do what is necessary for a trip, I end up packing too many things and then I have almost no space left for the rest

Can you give me some? tricks to prepare the travel essentials so that they take up little space in the plane’s hand luggage?

Tricks to get Viajes Chollo:

there they go 9 home tricks to prepare a travel essential for traveling by plane without checking in:

Travel kit for hand luggage
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Choose a small need.

As we mentioned in Travel with hand luggage only: 12 trucks, the best trick so that you don’t need to take up much space in hand luggage it is to choose a small suitcase and stick to one meter only what fits in it; starting with essentials such as toothbrush, comb or deodorant and ending with “extras” such as make-up, cologne or aftershave. Put this rule: If it doesn’t fit, don’t enter!

Buy the products you need in bulk at the destination.

Shampoo, gel, sun cream, aftersun… there are things that you will be better off buying at your destination, in addition to the liquid regulations on board you will not be allowed liquids, creams or gels of more than 100ml. However, below we show you some alternatives if you don’t want to buy whole boots that you won’t finish.

Tricks to find out what to measure in the travel essentials.

Do without shampoo and gel if you go to a hotel.

(Rhymes!). If you’re going to sleep in a hotel, use the shampoo and gel they usually put in the bathroom. Moreover, keep the boots of the amenities even if they are empty; in the following trick we explain why.

fill in amenities with cosmetics of which you will need a small amount.

There are products such as moisturizing cream or make-up removing milk whose bottles are 100ml, so we would have no problems taking them on the plane as hand luggage, but in reality we will only need about 20ml for the whole trip.

If you want to carry these products with you without taking up too much space in your travel needs, sign up home trick: hazte con botes pequeños de muestras o amenities of hotel and refill them (remember to label them to remember what each one actually carries).

How to prepare a trip for an airplane.

Take samples of perfume and other cosmetics.

Save the samples of cologne and make-up that they give to fashion magazines, cosmetic centers and perfumeries; and include them in your travel essentials when you have to carry them in your hand luggage, in place of your usual bottle of cologne or make-up. You will be able to save a lot of space in your travel essentials as you will not only avoid carrying more than you really need but you will be able to get rid of the small bottles and envelopes as you use them.

In addition, you will prevent your products from breaking or getting lost. Apply this to another type of swatches: moisturizer, after the sunmascara, etc.

Buy 100ml shampoo.

If you go to take a short trip and you don’t want to carry a bottle of shampoo bought at the destination and then have to throw away half of it, buy a 100ml or 75ml travel shampoo. There are several brands and you can find them in drugstores and perfumeries. Another option is, as we said previously, to fill a bottle of amenities with your regular shampoo; and below we show you another alternative.

How to prepare a necessary trip for the plane.

“Shrink” the 125ml gel and cream containers.

If your problem is that the creams and gels they want to take on the plane are 125ml, we have a truck to shrink the 125ml ice and cream containers and bring them onto the plane without problems as hand luggage. You can see in: Ice and cream on the plane: take more than 100ml on board.

Fill containers of 100ml or less.

If what you don’t want is to have to buy anything at the destination because you prefer to take everything from home, follow this trick to prepare your travel essentials and be able to measure them in your hand luggage on the plane: look at which bottles you have at home with a capacity of 100ml and fill them up with you shampoo, gel, sun cream or aftersun.

You can use everything from refillable cosmetic containers, to the tiny plastic tupperware in which you put soy sauce to take out at Chinese restaurants.

How to prepare a travel toiletry bag for hand luggage.
Image by Morgan C.

Replace the gel with a bar of soap.

Almost no one uses soap bars for the shower anymore, but the truth is that for traveling they are the most comfortable and practical. A bar of soap gives more than an ice bucket and occupies and weighs much less. Besides, it can also be used to wash underwear as you need them while you are traveling (we explain this homemade trick in: Hand luggage: 18 tricks to make everything fit.

That’s right, you have to keep in mind that we have to let the bar of soap dry well before storing it, or put it in a small soap dish, box or bag, so that it doesn’t stain what I need.

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