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▷ Top 7 | DIY Gifts with Photos for Couples’ Anniversaries

What birthday gifts can I give with photos?

I want to make one original gift with photos for my husband/wife

Looking for ideas from crafts with photos for my partner’s birthday present.

Examples of the best gifts from photos for wedding anniversaries.

DIY crafts and gifts from photos for couples

Gift Ideas with Photos. 7 best:

First of all… Happy Birthday! It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few months or many years, what matters is that you’re taking the time to find an original and different gift to surprise your special someone, a gift that you can give yourself and that is unique… and this intention is worth gold in itself. We hope your partner is also preparing something very special for you!

If you’re looking for birthday gifts that include photos or are made from photos, you’ve come to the right place, we’ve already shown you our Top 7 best photo giftswhich are also cheap gifts because most of them are with crafts and DIY:

7. Photo album or ScrapBook designed by you

Are you wondering what is so original about this? Maybe giving an album with photographs that are a nice reminder of the relationship doesn’t seem like something very original, but it certainly is a memory that never fails.

Especially for the fact that no one has photos in physical format anymoreso those that are printed or materialized in an album, take on a special weight and importance.

The originality of the album lies in the format you choose and the photos included in it, as well as other accessories such as stickers, notes and other memorabilia.

It is not the same to buy a photo album at a bazaar and print or develop photos all the same size and without a theme or thread, than, for example, to make a scrapbook reusing a CD holder:

original scrapbook for Valentine's Day

✂️ Ideas for an album or Original ScrapBook

  • Choose a scrapbook album or a photo album with one unconventional format (for example square, like this 25th wedding anniversary photo album)
  • A template design for the photos you have different sizes and compositions of the same
  • look for one idea or thread. For example, that the photos in the album are from all views holiday together if you are a traveling couple, which illustrate the most significant and important moments of the relationship, only show these photos you never published in your social networks because they were private, a collection of the knots you sent them during the time you spent together…
  • If you don’t put the photos in full size, use different decorative backgrounds.
  • include messages, special phrases for you You can use stickers for example.
  • include cinema tickets, plane tickets, tickets, cards and other souvenirs that you have saved If you don’t have them in physical format, you can print them.

original photo album to give as a wedding or engagement anniversary gift

Another original format of the photo album is to make it in format pop up box with photos joined in an accordion.

In this example the photos are photo booth type, but you can put any other:

photos to give on Valentine's Day
You can make this pop-up box with photo views.

Do you need: square wooden box, photos, tape, glue.

Instructions: choose the photos you like the most and give them the same format (square if possible). You can use the online software tool Pixlr or Picmonkey. Then take a large white cardboard and cut it to the width of the inside of the box and the length 5 times greater than the height. Fold it in a zigzag pattern. Then stick each of the photos in the center of each of the 5 parts as you see in the image and stick a tape on the back of the first photo.

6. Whatsapp book

If the idea of ​​a photo album or Scrapbooking doesn’t quite convince you, we have another alternative for giving away a book full of memories, either digital (in pdf format) or in printed format.

For him we propose to give you a Whatsapp book. Yes, that’s it: a book with a printed WhatsApp chat view. With all the messages, photos, emojis, voice messages and videos (which you can see from a QR code). From the first “Hello” to the first date, the first kiss with the heart, the first “I love you”…

You can include and edit the messages you want, photos, and also audio messages and videos via a QR to scan and play from a smartphone or tablet.

If you want to know how to make your own Whatsapp book, visit our article: How to make a Whatsapp book

How to make a Whatsapp book with chats, audios and photos

5. Collage of your photos forming a message

This idea may seem very simple, but oh well because the execution is not so easy (for which we give you some tips below). The result, yes, is a super result:

original heart made with photos

✂️ Additional tips and ideas

  • In place of a heart, you can form it number of years you’ve been together.
  • Another option is to form the heart and put the message of the years together on the leaves below. For example: » 1-1-A-Ñ-OS»
  • When taking photos, make sure place the camera in the same fixed place so that you all have the same frame, and of put yourself in exactly the same placeat the same distance.
  • Ideally, you use the multi-shooter mode, and try different positions of the arms and then choose the ones that fit best.
  • Instead of making it black and white, you can also put one on it red color filter for the most romantic sea result.

4. Calendar with memories of the previous year

This idea is especially good for celebrating a first birthday.

You can design a calendar to hang, and to illustrate each of the 12 months, put a photo, or a meaningful photo collage of what you did together this month, of the most memorable moments.

Also, in the calendar part, mark the indicated dates. For example:

  • Your respective birthdays
  • View next scheduled holidays
  • The date of the anniversary of the day you met, at first sight, kiss and when you officially started dating. Even at first sight quarrel and reconciliation.
  • A reminder of important events that will happen in the previous year. For example: in the boxes from September 5 to 15, mark “TRAVEL TO MENORCA” if you were there for those dates last year.

couple birthday calendar with photos

3. Keychain, pendant or brooch with respective silhouette views

This idea is not with photos but from a photo.

It is a keychain, pendant or brooch made from the silhouette of respective profile views, so that each of them carries with it the other.

If you’re interested in this craft, you’re in luck because we make our own creations! And we can do it with different materials: alpaca, copper, brass or silver.

personalized keys shaped like a person's profile

In addition, we can record on one side the date of your birthday, the coordinates of the place where you met, or the sound wave of a hidden voice message that you can listen to by scanning a QR code:

parts for couples recorded with sound wave, qr, coordinates, signature...

2. Thaumatrope of a kiss

Do you know what a thaumatrope is? It is a disk printed by the two men who have to move at high speed causing a cinematic effect of overlapping images.

It can be done with a toothpick, or with an elastic band or cord.

In the proposal that we leave you below, on each face it would be no de vosotros giving each other a kiss.

If he doesn’t have such a photo, you can take one photo of your partner in which he leaves the front and take a profile picture of yourself blowing a kiss for the final effect that you are giving yourself a kiss on the cheek.

Valentine's gift craft made with a photo

Below is a tutorial showing how to do both with the toothpick as with rubber bands or strings

1. Photographs hanging from helium balloons

This idea is super simple and super result. That’s why it’s our favorite. You have an effect similar to finding your leg full of petals.

The only complicated thing is that you have to buy a can of helium to keep the balloons on the ceiling:

Valentine's Day gift idea

If you want more original ideas for birthday gifts, have you seen with photos or with another type of crafts and DIY, visit our article with special crafts for Valentine’s Day and Birthdays.

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