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▷ Sex on the beach: 7 Tips to do it right

How to have sex on the beach?

I have a date on the beach… What do I do if it “goes further”?

How to have sex on the beach without being caught?

How to have sex safely at sea?

tips for having sex on the beach

Tips for having sex on the beach:

Summer is a time of year when passions are unleashed. The sun, the good temperature, the holidays, the festive atmosphere, putting stress aside… are factors that invite us to feel more eager to have sex. And if the spring alters the blood, the summer heats it up.

And if we talk about summer, we can’t forget the beach, a place par excellence of this season. In general, the majority of the population prefers to spend their summer holidays in coastal places – there are always exceptions – with the beach close by and, if possible, with a swimming pool to alternate.

The beach is a place where many dream of having sexeither during the day, you ask in a secluded place, hidden behind a dune, or during the night, in the dark, more hidden from the prying eyes of others.

Looking ahead to summer, we gave you a series of tips that are sure to come in handy when it comes to having sex on the beach.

Watch out for the sand

There are two elements that are inseparable from the idea of ​​a beach, the water of the sea, of the ocean, and the sand. There is no beach without sand, and that is part of the charm of the coast – although there are many people who consider it a nuisance and a nuisance. Going to the beach is synonymous with rolling around in the sand and ending up overflowing like a croquette.

Without embargo, when having sex, it can be a big inconvenience, because the friction of the sand in an area as sensitive as the genitalsespecially for women, it can be a big problem because of the unwanted “exfoliating” effect.

Also, if you use barrier protection like the male or female condom, the presence of sand can generate friction and cause the profile to break.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the genitals as far away from the arena as possible, although you must be aware that it is inevitable to completely liberate it. It simply tries to reduce the amount of arena that will come into play. To do this, we recommend the following measures:

  • Spread a large towel or similar object on the arena.
  • Have water on hand to get rid of excess sand when necessary.
  • Avoid penetration if you use barrier condoms

couple running hand in hand in the sea water


Sexual relations need good lubrication, something that is even more necessary when we are on the beach, in particular, to minimize the friction that, as we have already seen, generally the sand. Using lubricants is a great idea to improve your relationships with players.

As having sex in water is also very morbid, it is a good idea to use water-resistant lubricants, which you can purchase in countless specialized stores such as, for example, Sexplace.es.

Avoid penetration

One of the opportunities that sexual relations give us in a public place, such as a beach, gradually heats up the situation, postponing penetration as much as possible.

Take the opportunity to explore all parts of the body, not just the genitals. Exploring your sensuality instead of going straight to sexualityyou will avoid the complications we discussed earlier with the arena and it will be less obvious what you were doing in front of other people who are on the beach.

Parasol or Tent for greater privacy

If what you want is to avoid occasional peeps, even if it is in a secluded cove and at night… We recommend you take advantage of corners with rocks to be covered on one side and be able to parapet on the other with a parasol, hanging poles, or you can even use some of these little letter tents that are used as a UV filter.

couple on the beach with a parasol

Positions for penetration

Having sex on the beach is one of the fantasies of a large part of the population, but all that glitters is not gold. Even if it is very exciting because of the environment, the contact with nature, the danger of being seen by other people… It is necessary to point out that having sex on the beach is not exactly as you imagine, since then, it is not comfortable. And this does not mean that it is not a satisfactory experience; that already depends on each one. At the very least, it’s an experience worth trying.

The context of sand and water means that sexual positions are quite limited—you know, keep the sand away if you don’t want to regret it later—so consult books like the Kamasutra to get ideas and execute postures in which the contact with the sand is less like, for example, the doggie pose.

As for the postures in the water, definitely face to face and horajades is much more practical, both for penetration and for “roce”.

Hygiene after sex

Hygiene is non-negotiable after having sex, something that is even more rewarding after a sex player session. Pay close attention to removing and getting rid of all the sand that may have hit your body; you will avoid infections and irritations that can have several days of bother.

First, use whatever clean water you have on hand. You may have a bottle with you or find a shower where you are. Within the possibilities, in these first moments, remove the remains of sand that have adhered to your body. Later, when you get home—the sooner the better—take a good shower, clean yourself thoroughly and hydrate to prevent future problems.

On the other hand, if you have used a condom or some other barrier protector, I am responsible and send you so as not to contaminate.


It is important to practice sex with discretion. First of all, out of respect for the other people who may be on the beach, since sex is an intimate act and the vast majority of society frowns upon a couple having sex in public.

Secondly, because, in addition to being uncomfortable for other people, having sex in public can lead to some unpleasant surprises with the law And you can be fined, so if you don’t want this to happen to you, use discretion look for secluded places, with little or no traffic.

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