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▷ Sensual crafts to give your partner: 5 senses

10How did I make an erotic gift for my partner?

How to prepare a night of erotic games?

Looking for ideas from sexy gifts for our couple’s anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

I want to give my partner a sensual gift made by me.

original gift for couples, sexy and erotic

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Tutorial to make a sexy and erotic gift:

If you are looking for romantic crafts for San Valentín because you are looking for something more naughty, something with more action… You will love this DIY gift!

In addition, it is very original and gives a lot of fun; and the cost of the same will depend on what you want to put in each of the senses, since they can range from details made by you or more simple, to other more elaborate or more expensive gifts.

It is ideal as a gift for couple anniversaries, for San Valentín, for their birthday or for any occasion, what noses.

It is a small erotic game for your partner and for you, it doesn’t matter if your boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you are friends… always and when you are lovers!

The idea is to awaken the attraction of the other towards you, and motivate their sensuality so that it awakens little by little through the five senses.

You will awaken his passion, there is no doubt.

sexy craft to give for Valentine's Day

✂️ Did you know that we are artisans?

We turn drawings, photos, voice messages, coordinates and much more into jewelry, keys and more Personalized metal pieces or crochet dolls just like you special person.

You can see our creations on our Instagram or our ➡ Online shop

🤍🖍️🎁 Our favorite format!  You still have time to make your Christmas orders.⁠ ♥️Other Formats ➡ pendant, brooch, book point, key, magnet...⁠ 📩+ INFO ➡ link in Bio or DM ⁠ 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹 🔸 🔹🔸🔹🔸⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #adaptaciondibujo #arteinfantil #dibujoinfantil #dibujosdeniños #dibujosinfantiles #ideaspararegalar #regalosnavidad

Contents of the 5 Senses Pack

Next we are going to give you several ideas of things that can be part of the Contents of the pack sensual of the 5 senses.

As we said before, you choose what will be part of each box that represents one of the senses; ours are only proposals.

On the other hand, we would like you to tell us more ideas in the comments… do you cheer

sexy gift for your partner


One of the most important senses when entering into intimacy with another or other people is touch.

The ideal is to do it little by little and in a very subtle way, to wake up little by little in our nerve endings so that the sensitivity of our erogenous zones is gradually and fully activated.

To stimulate the touch there are many options… But below we are going to give you several concrete ideas, the ones we will like the most:

To begin with, you can have your bodies massaged… And you can do it in many ways:

with a body to body massage gela candle or massage wax and some powders for the bathtub that turn the water into a very special texture:

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In case you don’t know them, the massage candles are something very original since they are candles with one special wax that with the heat of the flame it dissolves and is very good for massaging because it is touch is soft and warm and does not leave the skin sticky like oils

And if you like the kinky roll, a good way to experience it bdsm he is using whips, handcuffs, harnesses, face shields, masks…

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You will be able to awaken the imagination and the darker side, but remember to do it safely, safeguarding the limits of the person who was taking the passive role.

In case any of you have vaginas:

🏆 These are ours favorite vibrators and clitoral stimulators:

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The Satisfyer is without a doubt our biggest highlight, as the best investment you can make in sex toys for female pleasure: they all speak highly of him.

We leave you one below video review of the famous Satisfyer Pro 2:


🏆 And here some gels to stimulate the clitoris thanks to the cold-heat effect and other components:

We can also use them for the tip of the penis, and apply them with our fingers or smeared on a stimulator like the ones we recommend before.


Sight is the first sense, the most predominant. For men, above all, it is the thing that dominates them the most, so if they have a tendency to be very impetuous, it would be best to stimulate this sense and then inhibit it with an antiphase to give way to the following.

Below we show you a super original and artistic idea: invite your partner to use paint on your body with body paint.

May be normal, edible or glow in the dark with an ultraviolet or black light bomb:

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Another classic idea to stimulate the eye… It doesn’t get any better than a good lingerie set:

🏆 This son l0s 3 best selling sexy underwear sets on Amazon, for women and men:

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Surely the first thing that will come to your mind to stimulate the ear is music… And a good playlist goes a long way! Rhythms such as blues or jazz, so sexy, help to get in tune.

We want to share with ours playlist of sensual music for making love which we have been compiling for years on Spotify, for you to enjoy!

They are more than 24 hours of music… They give a lot:

music list with songs to have sex

In addition to music, another option to stimulate the ear, and from there stimulate the imaginationis that you read him one book, comic or erotic story.

The ideal would be for you to write them yourself, but the stories are yours, you can look for some erotic history on the internet or buy one of these books.

🏆 This son The 3 best-selling erotic books on Amazon:

Top Sales Nº. 1

At your command: BDSM

The 13 Tricks that will make her reach Orgasm


First of all, essential: a shower so that both people (or more, if you are more) are clean and tidy and without the smell of sobaquillo….

Then a little air freshener, aromatic candles, palo santo, white sage, incense or what you prefer; for the chosen place invite relaxation and evoke sensuality:

You can also use a little body perfume, or a special perfume based on pheromonesto activate the wish, like these here:

And, of course… A little aromatherapy for the body! cone flavored massage oils.


Sweet or salty? In our culture satisfying the palate is very important, so it gives a special touch to your celebration so that it leaves a good taste in the mouth.

You can fill several jars with different spices and flavors, blindfold your eyes and invite them to guess which one is which:

Another classic is to use gels flavored lubricantsedible massage oils, andchocolate body paint!:

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O edible underwear and flavored preservatives:

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A good idea is for dinner to be sushi, but with style body sushi (nyotaimori) in your body… Or in his!

erotic idea to celebrate a couple's birthday

You can also use chocolate, vegetable chips, jelly beans or whatever you can think of and put it on areas of your body (or his).

Finally, we want to recommend absolutely all the products of the Shunga brand, as they are safe!

Here are the 3 most popular on Amazon:

If you need more ideas of toys and sensual products, take a walk through the erotic shop www.vivesexshop.com, because you will find many more, and if you can think of any other “ingredient”, Share it in the comments!

Instructions for the Boxes

We’ve already thought of the contents of each of the boxes… Now it’s your turn for the continent.

Materials needed:

  • 5 boxes of the same size (in this case tea boxes have been used)
  • Black acrylic paint or spray paint.
  • Sponge or brush.
  • Sheets of paper and marker or printer
  • Rope or packing cord.

If you prefer, instead of recycling boxes you have around the house, you can buy 5 beautiful boxes.

Step by step tutorial

1. If you have decided to prepare the boxes yourself by reusing some that you had at home, paint them with acrylic paint using a small sponge or brush. You can also use spray paint.

Cover well the table on which you are going to work so as not to stain anything.

tutorial to make a craft to give to your partner on Valentine's Day

2. Draw 5 crowns on the sheets of paper and in each of them write the words: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. You can also design them using Photoshop or Word and print them. Glue each of the senses to one of the faces of each box.

3. Prepare a greeting card with the text you prefer, for example “A sensual Valentine’s Day for the man I love”. Something that gives you a hint of what you will find in this craft.

4. Fill each of the boxes with the gifts you have chosen for your partner.

5. Stack one box on top of the other, keeping in mind which one you want to open first, and tie them with twine.


craft to give as a gift to a couple, pack of the 5 senses

Source | what is my porch

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