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▷ Online Exercises to Stimulate the Brain

How to exercise our brain?

What kind of exercises activate our brain?

How to activate the mind with games and exercises on the Internet?

What areas of the mind can be developed with internet activities?

exercises to activate and stimulate the mind

Exercises to activate and stimulate the mind

We should plant the exercises for the brain as the same exercises that can be carried out in a gym, since it is the best way to maintain our trained mind, agile.

Whether we like it or not, time passes for everyone and even if we are lucky and no disease can affect our memory, our brain will lose its faculties.

The only thing we can do is try to take care of ourselves as much as possible so that this happens as late as possible and so that it affects us as little as possible. And here, second only, exercises for the brain will be fundamental.

Moreover, we can say that we are truly lucky. Not even so many years ago, thinking about exercises for the brain could seem complicated. And this was so even though I only had to go to some store that would have them or a bookstore and meet those who, more or less, might interest us.

Basically, the options were already quite limited and it was normal that very few would really have the desire to get down to business. But now all that has changed. One day today, y just a few clicks away we can find many options of free brain and memory exercises.

Benefits of doing stimulating exercises for the brain

Exercises to develop the brain, activate it and keep it in shape are never going to be able to hurt us so, at the very least, you have to try it.

The exercises for the brain are many and very varied and each person can start with the level that suits them best, without causing more problems.

The moment you start a exercise your mind and keep it as a routineyou will start to notice the improvements, including in the most everyday things of life.

Let’s see some of the benefits they have for this type of exercise:

  • Thousand concentration. Many times we don’t realize it but nowadays we have too many elements that can make us easily distracted. It is important to try to maintain maximum concentration when it is required, such as, for example, at exam time. Thanks to the exercises for the brain, this will be much easier and we will notice how we will perform more in less time.
  • Stimulate the memory. It is true that there are people who do not even remember what they ate the day before, but this can be due to multiple factors. In any case, the memory must be exercised from an early age and, of course, strengthen to a certain extent as the years pass. Exercises for the brain will be fundamental for this.
  • Reduce the risk of cognitive impairment. Very related to the previous point. Unfortunately, age will take its toll and this is something that we cannot control or prevent but that we can certainly limit. Exercises for the brain can reach reduce dementia by up to 63%.
  • Improve skills in everyday life. In this case, we are talking especially about older people. They, if they carry out exercises for the brain, it is most likely that they will be able to be independent for a longer time in things that they question do not seem so significant but that are also important such as cooking, administering alone the medicines they may require or controlling their own finance
  • Long term benefits. Different studies on this topic have pointed out that exercises for the brain are not only good but that their effects can be observed in the long term. It is spoken of an average of 10 years which is a time, without a doubt, to take into account.

Online games to activate the brain

One of the easiest resources to do exercises for the brain is, of course, to resort to the free online games. It is convenient, accessible to all and no matter the time or place we love.

In addition, with the amount that there is a provision it will be rare that we do not find one that we like, that catches our attention and with which we want to keep improving.

You will see that there are many types of brain exercise games on the internet:

  • Maths
  • visual acuity
  • logic
  • Riddles
  • tongue twister
  • Riddles
  • memory games
  • Puzzles and pastimes
  • Trivial
  • Psychomotor activity
  • Aim and skill
  • creativity

The most popular and the ones that are most often used to stimulate the brain in a more complete way, are logic games. They are also the most difficult, for what they are stimulants at any age.

These we have shown only a few types of exercises online, but there are many more! Best of all, most of them are available for free, as they are free brain games that you will find on the Internet or in the application store of your smartphone or tablet.

classic game, maze

Other exercises to activate the brain

Beyond games, and especially thinking about older people, there are other things they can do that will also help activate the brain and keep it trained:

  • simple things We talk about things that may seem insignificant but that can make a difference. For example, try to use the opposite hand: the left if we are right-handed or, the other way around, if we are left-handed for things like washing your teeth. Or why not change our routine and don’t always do the same things in the same sequence. When this is the case, we move almost automatically and the idea is that the brain is always active, that it works, that it strives.
  • to read It’s a good habit no matter where you look, but if what we want is to do exercises for the brain, this can help us a lot. It can also be used to stay informed about what is happening in the world and not to develop critical thinking.
  • Learn a new language. Yes, we keep talking about older people but, obviously, all these exercises can be practiced by anyone and learning new things should never be a limit to age. When we learn a new language, our brain has to make an effort to learn words, form sentences… This will help keep it active.
  • Physical exercise. Let’s say that the two things must be accompanied: logic games and physical exercise. We can’t do one and forget the other or we shouldn’t want to keep a good state of health both physically and mentally. Doing physical exercise will help the brain to be more oxygenated and this will also affect our memory.

The most important thing is not to stress about this aspect or try to make everything perfect from the first moment. What’s more, if you’ve never done this type of exercise for the brain or it’s been a long time since we abandoned this good habit, the most normal thing is that it seems to you and that the beginnings are a little hard.

The advantage is that we are talking about exercises to develop the brain which, if properly planted, can be understood as games and if we have the basis of fun, to have a good time, although at the same time we are carrying out exercises to reactivate the brain everything will be. much simpler.

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