▷ Online Betting and Gambling in Mexico: Legal Status in 2022

In what legislative situation are online betting markets in Mexico?

Is it legal to bet online in Mexico?

Are online casino and online gambling popular in Mexico?

What kind of online games are legal and safe to play in the Mexican state?

What should I consider when choosing an online casino to play in Mexico?

Legal status of online casino gambling and gambling in Mexico for 2022

State of the Online Betting Market in Mexico in 2022

In recent years, Mexico has become one quite attractive market for online betting. The quality of life in the country is growing, as is the purchasing power, which resulted in the growth of the gambling market as well.

It is expected to reach one growth rate of 33% by 2026 according to Research and Markets. And with the impact of COVID-19 on the planet, online gambling has become more popular than ever.

Legal framework in 2022

Currently, there are no particular rules that follow online gambling in Mexico, and its legislation has not made any comments about the premises that participate in online gambling. Casino regulations currently focus on conventional casinos.

In 2014 attempts to change the law were unsuccessful, but he did make a reference to online gambling in the 2014 Game Regulations. It describes it as gambling activities controlled by electronic devices that have access to the Internet and did not involve any form of physical contact between the gambling operators and the players. Articles 85 and 87 of the Regulation also refer to it.

Article 85 states that organizations can carry out electronic betting as long as they meet specific terms. The term establishes that all transactions must be carried out by an internal control system containing customer information. Article 87 explains in more detail the terms and conditions that must be met in order to bet online.

legal framework in Mexico for online casino and sports betting

Just because Mexico hasn’t legalized online gambling doesn’t mean it isn’t interested in it. Online gambling may soon be fully legalized in Mexico.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped online gaming from growing at a regular 10% per year in recent years. Gambling platforms and virtual casinos are completely legal and pay taxes clearly regulated in the Mexican state.

On the other hand, the Mexican players, unlike the Spanish, they can benefit from bonds and promotions on casino websites, something that has been prohibited in Spain since 2020 at the origin of the COVID-19 crisis.

Types of betting and legal games in Mexico

Many games are accessible to players in Mexican casinos. For online players, it is essential to note that online casinos are not completely legal in Mexico. So here they are prevent offering a considerable amount of games compared to the regular land-based casinos available in Mexico.

Having clarified this fact, we tell you that There are three main types of online betting what you can do in Mexico that you can consider legal:

  • Sports betting: no law supports horse racing betting in Mexico, there are many influential websites that have been offering these services without problems.
  • Daily fantasy sports: This is another type of game without working in online casinos in Mexico.
  • Social casinos: a social casino is a free-to-play casino where you do not need to make any payment to play and you also cannot claim the money you earn using the platform

how to choose which sport to bet on: which one is the best

Mexican players can choose from numerous games available in online casino catalogs. Some are highlighted in the Mexican casino guide, but the most popular ones include blackjack, roulette, slots, live poker and sports betting.

The games mentioned above can be played in several new online casinos mentioned on privatecasinos.com. Each game has its own payout structure which can be 20X, 30X or more. They give great bonuses and promotions to their customers.

Bonuses varied by casino. They also offer other existing players and some of them are VIP/Loyalty programs, jackpots and free spins, among others.

What to consider to play safely

Taking all this into account, to choose a casino we must take into account several parameters to ensure that we play safely.

One of the things to keep in mind is that customer support services are quick to attend to customer inquiries and queries live with a representative, email or through FAQs.

how to verify the security of a cryptocurrency trading platform

Customer information and transactions must be protected by encryption and updated SSL licenses. Licenses differ depending on the country’s support for online gambling, with some of the most popular licenses being Curaçao, Malta, Gibraltar and the United Kingdom. It is very important verify license and security level of a casino before opting for it.

Online gambling in Mexico is becoming increasingly popular and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Some casinos may offer a limited selection of games due to legal limitationsbut this may also change if the government issues specialized regulations regarding online gambling.

Now players can enjoy the games, tournaments and bonuses available and look forward to a higher quality access to the iGaming market.

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