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▷ Norway: Top 5 Hiking Routes with the Best Views

What are the best tours in Norway?

What hiking routes can I do in Norway?

What are the most beautiful walking routes in Norway?

I am looking for excursions to see waterfalls, northern lights and midnight suns near the Norwegian fjords.

Preikestolen one of the best views of the Norwegian fjords

5 Hiking Routes with Impressive Views:

Norway is a country recognized for its many natural attractions, because in its territory we can find impressive lakes, crystal-clear rivers, fjords of surprising dimensions, beautiful snowy mountains, colorful valleys and hundreds of forests full of the most diverse flora and fauna. In addition, traveling to Norway can be the perfect opportunity to learn a little about Norwegian culture and way of life. That’s why we can’t miss the opportunity to get to know Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Perhaps what surprises us the most Oslo is that it is not a common capital, we can find here urban areas and natural environments a few kilometers away. And of course, we can’t forget to mention that this city is famous for its artistic neighborhoods and for its exquisite gastronomy. It is for this reason that before venturing to other regions of Norway, we should always enjoy a tour in one of the most dynamic capitals in the world.

However, in Norway there are many more surprises, since if we travel during the summer we can admire it midnight sunwhile if we travel in autumn or winter we will be able to see close to the northern lights that light up the night sky. And although all this is wonderful, this country does not offer one more wonder, as we can find here hiking trails which will allow us to enjoy the most spectacular views we can imagine.

In Norway there are hundreds of places where it is possible to walk, however, there are some regions that stand out for their incredible views that they offer to all their visitors. We have our selection with the 5 best walking routes in Norway below:

Husedalen, in Hardanger

It could be said that the Husedalen route is the waterfall route, since this region is the perfect place for those who want to discover it four of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway. In addition, Husedalen is located near several forests, so it can be a wonderful option if we want to relax in the middle of nature.

Husedalen is located in the vicinity of the Hardanger Fjord, so we will also have the possibility to observe the beauty of this fjord. We also can’t forget to mention that these waterfalls are really impressive, so it’s worth venturing on this hiking route. Of course, to be able to admire all these waterfalls we must be prepared, since the complete route is about 15 kilometers and it usually takes about five or six hours to complete the tour.

What we can be sure of is that this hiking route is really worth it, since you don’t always have the chance to hear the magical sound of the waterfalls while we let ourselves be amazed by the majesty of the forests.

Walk through the Norwegian waterfalls of Husedalen

Utladalen, in the Årdal region

The Utladalen hiking route is perfect for those who want to enjoy a quiet and pleasant walkbecause this route will not allow you to know one of the most beautiful valleys in the region. This route is near the Sognefjord, so we also have the possibility to admire the incomparable beauty of the Norwegian fjords.

In addition, this tour will also allow us to get to know her farm of Avdalena great place to taste the best of Norwegian gastronomy. If we continue a little further we can reach the farm Vetti gard turiststasjon, another perfect place to rest. And of course, it is also at the end of the route Vettisfossen, the highest free-falling waterfall from northern Europe.

Hiking route to Preikestolen (The Pulpit)

Search for the idyllic city of Stavanger is the Preikestolen or El Púlpito hiking route. This route is perfect if we want to reach a rock formation that is 604 meters above the Lysefjord, once we are in El Púlpito we can enjoy the more spectacular views of the fjord.

Nor can we forget to mention that this route is about 8 kilometers long and requires a difficult means of communication, because almost everyone can enjoy this wonderful hiking route. In addition, the route that leads to Preikestolen it can be completed in about four hours, so we will have enough time to admire the fantastic landscape of the region.

And that’s not all, there are also possibilities to do this route during the night, because we will be able to see a completely different facet of Preikestolen. And of course, once we’re at the top we can’t pass up the opportunity to photograph the majestic views of the Lysefjord and its surroundings.

Preikestolen hiking route with spectacular views in Norway

The Kongevegen road, in Lærdal

This road is famous for being the first that united this region with the western part of Norway, it is because of him that this one hiking trail it is one of the favorites for nature and history lovers. And this route will give us hundreds of opportunities to admire the landscape of the mountains and the nature of the region.

In addition, it is worth noting that this tour goes from the Filefjell mountains to Lærdalso if we arrive in the Lærdal area we will also be able to marvel at the views of the Sognefjord (the longest in Norway).

We cannot forget to mention that, complete, this one it is a route of several dayshowever, there is also the possibility of only doing part of the route.

Hiking route towards Trolltunga

The natural beauty of Norway can also be admired in the hiking route towards Trolltunga, because this area is acclaimed for being one of the best to enjoy breathtaking views and landscapes. And it is that Trolltunga is located in unos 700 meters above Lake Ringedalso from there we can glimpse the whole panorama of the region.

The best thing is that if we don’t have a lot of experience, we will always have the possibility to join one of the many guided tours, because we can enjoy the experience without worries. Trolltunga is a very particular rock formation, so it turns out to be the perfect place to take the best photographs. A curious fact is that Trolltunga means “The troll’s tongue”.

excursion to Trolltunga, one of the best sights in Norway

Norway is the ideal place for adventure, which is why hiking routes will always be perfect options to discover this country and to enjoy the most spectacular views of the region. And because Norway is a nation where you can do countless outdoor activities, here the natural attractions are countless. What are you waiting for to admire Norway’s most amazing landscapes?

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