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▷ More than 300 Crafts and Ornaments for Christmas 【2022】

🤔 What crafts can I make for Christmas?

  • 🗨 I don’t want to buy Christmas decorations these holidays I prefer to make them myself.
  • 🗨 I’m looking for crafts for Christmas that small children can do.
  • 🗨 I would like to see ideas to decorate with Christmas ornaments.

crafts and ornaments to decorate at Christmas

💡 Decorate by Recycling at Christmas:

Christmas is coming! Whether it’s the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus, I’m sure you put some decorations in your house for these dates. But the ornaments and garlands, Do you buy them or are they handmade by you?

Given that the charm of the Christmas dates resides in the family celebration, from Trucos i Astucias we suggest that you do at least one of the crafts for Christmas that we will find on this page.

We have collected many different types of Christmas ornaments and for all levels and tastes, so there is no valid excuse!

Crafts to do:

  • Alternative Christmas trees
  • Christmas centers
  • Christmas garlands
  • Ornaments and balls for the tree
  • Homemade cribs with handicrafts
  • Homemade Advent Calendars
  • Snowballs
  • Christmas gift wrap
  • Stars for the tree
  • Original personalized gifts for Christmas
  • Christmas costumes

🏆 There they go, but first, let’s show you my children best selling Christmas ornaments on Amazon:

✅ Christmas wreaths

The first thing they see when they arrive at your home is the door, so that’s where we start: with the Christmas wreaths or Christmas wreaths. Those colorful baubles that we stick on the front door of the house or include on the wall to decorate at Christmas.

Below we show you crafts for Christmas of Christmas wreaths to inspire you when making your crafts, but we have collected many more:

Christmas wreaths

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✅ Christmas centerpieces for the table

The Christmas holidays are a time to get together with family and friends, and enjoy some good food. Since during Noche Buena, Navidad, Noche Vieja, Año Nuevo, and some also in San Esteban, we have spent several days sent around a table… It does not seem that it deserves a good decoration with Christmas centers?

If you want to make them yourself with crafts, you can be inspired by these 100 Homemade Christmas Centers to decorate the table that we have collected for you.

There are tons of ideas, we’re showing you several below, but you can see all pictures by clicking the button below the picture:

Homemade Christmas centers to decorate the table Homemade Christmas centers to decorate the table at Christmas

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whatsapp book

✅ Homemade Christmas balls

There is no Christmas ornament more festive (redundancy is worth it) than Christmas balls for the tree. But that doesn’t mean they have to be the typical single-colored baubles you buy at the Chinese or at the Christmas market, even if you choose to decorate the tree with baubles, you can decorate yourself too!

Below we teach you Christmas ball crafts of various types… But we have more! Most have been made using glass or transparent plastic balls:

christmas balls

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✅ Handmade garlands

OK, we have more or less decorated the door and the tree… What else? Oh, yes! some Christmas garlands which can be used both to decorate the walls of the house and to decorate the tree.

You choose, but these Christmas ornaments gain much more if they are made with handicrafts!

Christmas garlands crafts

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✅ Ornaments for the tree

For us, one of the most beautiful and original Christmas crafts they are the ornaments for the tree.

It can be made with very different materials and with very original shapes.

Why settle for balls when you can have houses, Santas, snowmen, lollipops and ice cream?

Ornaments for the Christmas tree

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✅ Recycled homemade cribs

One of the most famous dioramas in the world is the Portal de Belén, with the Nativity and an endless number of characters that can be added to expand it as much as you want.

From here we want to propose nothing less than 59 Christmas nativity scenes to decorate your homeand most are made from recycled and reused materials.

Many of these Christmas nativity scenes are great to do with children, and others are more complicated and child-friendly for adults, so there are crafts for everyone.

Which one do you stay with?

Recycled Christmas nativity scenes to decorate this Christmas with DIY crafts

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✅ Personalized Advent calendars

A few days ago a friend told us that I didn’t know what an Advent calendar was. Apparently they never did it as a child! So we have decided to give him a gift made for us.

The problem is that we found so many Christmas crafts on Advent calendars that now we don’t know which to choose… Can you help us? We have over 30 ideas!

homemade advent calendars

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✅ Original Christmas trees with handicrafts

If something cannot be missing in a house at Christmas, it is a tree. Traditionally, Christmas trees are natural pines, although they are usually also made of plastic or other durable materials; but if you don’t have enough space at home or you don’t have enough of one, take a look at some of these tree-shaped Christmas decoration ideas:

Christmas tree crafts

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✅ Homemade Christmas stars

A star was the one that guided the Magi to the manger where the baby Jesus was born. You can attract your guests to your house with one of these stars to decorate at Christmas:

Christmas star crafts

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✅ Homemade snowballs

Snow is practically synonymous with Christmas. Some of us don’t get to see it in the winter because it doesn’t get to snow in our cities, but we can make do with turning a crystal snowball. How? Don’t you have a snowball?

Well there they go various crafts for Christmas in the shape of a snowball. They are the most results!

snowball crafts

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✅ Christmas Gift Wrap

Christmas is not just about decorating the house, you also have to decorate something else very important: the presents!

Therefore, we propose several ideas original Christmas wrapping paper that you can do yourself to wrap presents from Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men.

There are several examples, but we have many more (in total, 30 ideas to decorate your Christmas gifts)

how to wrap Christmas presents

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✅ Original Personalized Gifts for Christmas

If you don’t know what to give for Christmas, we can give you a hand. Either one Christmas gift for boyfriend or girlfriend, mother, father, brother or friends.

You can give a gift that is not only original but also personalized and unique for that special person for you.

We show you several personalized gift ideas for Christmas. Some you can make with handicrafts (DIY), others are handmade that you can charge us and others are very cheap:

original and personalized gift ideas for Christmas

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A gift for her

✅ Costumes for Christmas

Do you like to be extravagant during the Christmas celebration? Do your children have to dress up as San José, Ángel, Rey Mago or the Virgin Mary for him? living manger? Do you want to go out at the end of the year with an original Christmas costume?

Can you make your own homemade costume for these holidays in a very easy and cheap way. We have collected several original costumes: Santa Claus, elfo, reindeer, árbol de Navidad… You can see them below.

son 43 ideas to dress up this Christmas. Which one do you stay with?

original Christmas costumes for children and adults

Christmas costumes for children and adults

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✂️ Did you know that we are artisans?

We turn drawings, photos, voice messages, coordinates and much more into jewelry, keys and more custom metal pieces or crochet dolls.

You can see our creations on our Instagram or our ➡ Online shop

crafts and ornaments to decorate at Christmas

🔥 You can see other articles featured in More than 300 crafts and ornaments for Christmas in the ➡ section Decorate Recycling.

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