▷ How to look at Plants on vacation: 3 Tricks

How can I look at the plants when I’m on vacation?

I do not know how to look at plants on vacation while I’m not at home

I’m going to go away on vacation and I don’t have anyone who can water your plants while i’m out

I never remember to water the plants and I end up dying.

dead plants so you don't water them on vacation

Homemade Tricks:

If you feel identified with any of these statements, write them down 3 homemade tricks to water the plants on vacation.

The plants will water themselves while you’re on the go, isn’t that wonderful? I wish it was that easy with pets!

First of all, and whatever home trick you choose to water your plants while on vacation, remember that during this time it is better put the plants in the shade and including, if you are going to be away for a long time, cut the shoots of the same so that they need less water.

Homemade drop by drop (drip) system

Do you need: a bottle with a cork stopper and a drill, or a bottle with a plastic stopper and scissors or any other sharp object.

Below we leave you one illustrative video which is also very cute. You will find the explanation and instructions just below.

To be able to water the plants on vacation, when you are away from home; take one crystal bottle with cork or a water bottle with screw capMake a hole big enough for drops to fall.

Of this mode, one has been built drip irrigation system which will slowly seep water into the pot, keeping the soil moist for your surviving plants while you’re away on vacation.

How to water plants on vacation: drip by drop

Irrigate with moisture

Do you need: a bottle, a cotton, nylon or polyester string and a screwdriver.

Thread the cord into the screwdriver make a hole in the ground and enter the rope. The other end of the rope, inserted well at the bottom of the bottle full of water

With this system to regulate plants on vacation, the rope will absorb the water keeping the soil moist.

How to water plants on vacation: with moisture

greenhouse effect

Do you need: a plastic bag, bamboo or wooden sticks or Chinese chopsticks and a rubber band.

Nail the sticks in the ground so that they are higher than the upper leaves of the plant.

Wrap the plant with the bag of plastic and fix it with the rubber so that it is taut. It is very important that the stock does not make contact with the leaves so make sure it is.

How to water plants on holiday: with a greenhouse effect

Thanks to this homemade trick to water the plants on holiday, we will manage to create a greenhouse effect on the plant: that is to say that the water that evaporates from it will stick to the walls of the bag and it will precipitate on the plant as if it were rain due to condensation, in a permanent cycle.

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