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▷ How to decorate your shipments at Christmas: 5 tips

How to decorate my remotes during Christmas?

I’m looking for ideas for decorate the Christmas package from my online store.

You want to decorate the packages and bags with Christmas commands from my business.

How to easily decorate them packaging of Christmas orders?

ideas to decorate the boxes of your Christmas remotes

Decoration ideas for Christmas packages:

A box for postal shipments, that is, the packages that you use in your online store for your products, must always be special and contain elements that are attractive and different from other companies.

Without embargo, in the holidays marked as Christmas, I have left one more to this decoration for customers that brings a good impression and a good memory of your business, thus increasing the chances that they will buy again.

Also, your packages are so well decorated at no extra costyou can motivate them to buy gifts on your website for shipping directly to their recipients.

Christmas gift paper with Christmas shapes

It doesn’t matter if it’s the boxes you send by post, or the kraft paper bags you stuff different products into for hand delivery, for example. The important thing is to make the client fall in love that the packaging of your order has a festive and Christmas atmosphere.

How to get it? easily and economically? We tell you below:

Decoration for the outside of the Package

On the outside of the packaging, there are many things that we can include, when we have printed on the same information of interest as a brand, on the web page or even the icons of the social networks.

Thanks to this data, you have created a characteristic and personalized image. When customers sell one of your packaging they know where it comes from. It’s advertising!

On these special dates when we all feel happier and appreciate the little details, it’s important to give it a plus, which can also prevent your package from ending up straight in the trash… Because it could be the vulture itself of the gift0 !

We leave you several ideas to decorate packages in a Christmas way with some details that cannot be missing:


A ‘Feliz Navidad’ or ‘Felices Fiestas’ on the box will be a gesture that users will appreciate. It’s a reminder that your website or physical business is the ideal place to buy their gifts.

These types of messages are simple, direct and emotional with a typeface with a Christmas vibe. There are tons of pages with free typography resources that you can use.

Here we link a bunch of free Christmas fonts for you to use the one or ones you like the most.

Christmas package decoration idea with Christmas messages


Large companies such as El Corte Inglés have always used small Christmas designs on their boxes when they approach these holidays.

It seems unimportant but it beautifies the packaging and brightens the customers’ day and adds points for that the box is not discarded, but is part of the gift that will be given to its recipient.

You too can do the same. Opt for a large pattern that covers the whole package, or fill it with small bows, spruces and stars of various colors for the cheerful sea.

If you need ideas for the printing of your Christmas packages, more original, you can take some of the DIY ideas for getting Christmas gifts that we have published on our page:

ideas to wrap gifts for Christmas and the kings in an original way

Decoration for the interior of the Package

They say beauty is on the inside, although the outside comes first.

As we have already decorated the outside of the mailbox with Christmas motifsnow let’s go inside to surprise the recipients even more, be they those who will buy the gift, or those who receive it.

If it is the latter, it is much more important that both the interior and the exterior are a good experience, since this it will increase the chances that this person will visit your business.


Inside the box or bag you can insert a personalized greeting card with the name of the person you want to receive, or simply a Christmas card with your business details on the other side.

If the greeting has his name on it, you will make him feel special and he is likely to keep it or, at the very least, keep a good memory of your store. In this way, he will keep in mind that he cares about his customers and that he is a good choice where to buy gifts for your doubts.

An emotional message that I wish you happy holidays together with yours and that the next year will be much better than this one, will be enough to touch hearts.

example of a Christmas card to enter in your Christmas orders


Christmas gifts are always good, and your customers have earned it by shopping at your company.

You can include it in the box as a discount or including a sample of another of your products, so they can try it. In this way, the motivations for them to make another purchase.


A Christmas ball, a bit of mistletoe or a nice bow. They are small details, but very symbolic and that make you feel good.

In addition, it is likely that they reuse them in their own gifts or as ornaments for your home, so it includes your brand name in an unobtrusive way, it will be free advertising.

details to include in your Christmas packages

As you can see, the decoration of Christmas shipping packages can be one powerful marketing tool to improve brand image and increase sales. Put these tips into practice and check it out!

Do you want to see ideas of crafts for Christmas? Here you have them: More than 200 crafts and ornaments for Christmas.

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