▷ How to choose the right colors to paint your outdoor terrace

What colors to paint a terrace?

How to decorate the terrace based on color?

What are the most popular colors for an outdoor terrace?

How to combine colors to paint a terrace?

terrace painted in light colors and deckchairs to match

Colors to choose to paint your terrace

It’s time to paint your terrace and the first questions we all ask ourselves… What color should I choose? All in the same color? Various colors? Like the combined ones?

Don’t panic! In this post we will help you find the ideal color capable of turning your terrace into a cozy and modern space.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to play with an important factor: natural light. The light will enhance certain tones and shapes to give them shine and make things feel natural. Therefore, color schemes depend on what they want to convey and influence the environment they want to achieve.

Here we leave some for you tips that will help you choose the colors to paint your outdoor terrace and not fail in the attempt.

Combine different colors

Combining a good color palette can bring a real sense of well-being calm, tranquility and vitality.

In addition, any decorative decision will be much easier with a well-defined color palette.

Here are some options for combining colors:

Warm colors such as pale yellow, salmon or brick red can give an interesting result. It combines very well with neutral colors that you can introduce through outdoor furniture such as a sun lounger.

Soft colors, such as off-white or ivory, create more brightness. They project softness and purify the atmosphere. In fact, they contrast brilliantly with materials such as wood or dark floors.

The beige is one of the most popular colors for a terrace. It is halfway between white and warm colors and creates harmony with dark decorative elements. In addition, it goes very well with earth tones.

work with dark colors if you want to use them. It is better not to use black or blue that depress the atmosphere. Instead, it’s a good idea to use neutral colors and contrast them with lighter colors to establish the desired harmony.

terrace or outdoor porch with the wall painted in a dark color

For inspiration, you can search the Internet for the so-called “color of the year”, also called Pantone of the yearreferring to the famous Pantone system.

Through this system, colors are identified with a unique code, thus simplifying their interpretation under a universal language. The #pantoneoftheyear movement (usually used in social networks and therefore accompanied by this hashtag) is the result of a deep study of trends associated with color psychology. It is therefore one reference in terms of chromatic trends and it can be useful when choosing the color palette for your terrace.

Use pastel shades

Pastel colors are created by adding a larger amount of white to other colors. Due to the clarity of the color, you don’t have to worry too much about them being shocking. The pasteles will create one comfortable and eternal feeling on your terrace.

An ideal case may be the coral color. It looks great on the walls and combines well with warm and earthy colors, including green. In fact, it will help you create a very romantic atmosphere.

Create dialogue between furniture and walls

As in interiors, you will achieve general harmony when coordinate the different decorative resourcesbe it furniture or structures.

The walls are the aesthetic support of what happens on the terrace. That is, the colors of the sofa, the armchairs, the table, the plants and pots and the other elements must match the colors of the walls correctly. You can also combine the color of the walls with some decorative garlands or colored LED lights. Of course, in all these cases, make sure you don’t choose the same shade.

decorative garlands made with dyed coffee filters, very original for weddings

If you do, the environment will be monotonous and boring. On the other hand, if the most important piece has several colors, choose to paint the wall one variety of dominant tone of the furniture

how is the house

For many, it is important that the terrace fits in with the exterior of the house. Mixing styles is fine, but you have to do it with your head.

If your home is very new and modern, turning your terrace into a bohemian space like an abandoned garden will be more difficult. Good advice is walk 15 to 20 meters away from home and try to imagine the result from this perspective.

If you want one continuity between interior and exteriorhas a common thread.

outdoor terrace with touches of color

An important color of your interior could be present on your terrace to feel like a unit. For example, if you have blue as the color of interest in your living room, you have blue cushions, the curtains have blue motifs and usually also have paintings with blue tones. When you leave the living room, when you reach the terrace, you could have a blue lounger, some blue flowers or even a wall painted blue.

There are really no rules or limitations to mixing colors. You decide. Make it bohemian, elegant, or simple. The key is
create an atmosphere that you enjoy.

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