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▷ Digital Albums: Types and Characteristics. Which one to choose?

What types of digital photo albums are there?

I want to make one Photo album to give away, but they have a lot of options and I’m lost.

I don’t know what features to choose to make a digital photo album for my family.

What is the best type of paper to print a digital album on?

digital album types and options

Types of digital albums:

Thinking of revealing photos online with PhotoSì for a special gift? Or maybe for you?

If so, we have our highest respects, as it is a task that involves a lot of time and image filtering. Especially in this age where photos are free and we tend to take too many photos of everything we do.

You know we love gifts with photos or made from photos. Especially if they are DIY (made by you). So in this article we clarified a little about what are the types of digital photo albums that you can find, to better decide when to reveal your photos online, have you seen a photo book, a wedding, a birthday, a couple’s anniversary or a holiday.

Remember that you also have the classic option to buy a blank album or a scrapbooking book, reveal on the Internet the photos you want to use, and use your hands and imagination for your form.

Size and Format

Classically, photo albums have always been rectangular, larger than an A4 sheet and in vertical format.

But why not do something different? Obviously the choice of the vertical and rectangular format is more appropriate for a traditional bookstore, but it does not necessarily have to be that way. The most popular son these 3:

  • Vertical rectangular
  • Horizontal rectangular
  • square

Currently, many of the photos we take are in vertical format, including square format, which are the star formats of applications like Instagram.

Also, albums are now more modern and can not only include images, but you can include lyrics and other types of images.

The size doesn’t have to be that big either. Everything will depend on your vision, and on the options given to you by the web page where you are going to upload your digital album, of course.

Type of Cover

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s inevitable that it doesn’t tell us anything. Or not?

We are not talking about the design or print of the book cover, but the material and finish of it. A magazine is not the same as a pocket book, a book with a hard cover and a padded cover.

With this we do not mean that the ideal is always that the digital photo albums whose photos you want to reveal on the Internet have to be hardcover and quilted of the best quality.

Are all the books in your bookstore of this type? Imagine, for example, a hardcover magazine. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

So there are several types of covers or bindings, and the choice of which will be the one cover type for the online reveal of your photosit is a personal decision that it will have to do with the contents of the photo album in question.

The main types are the following:

  • Soft cover
  • Hard Cover
  • Padded hard cover
  • Hard cover lined with fabric or other material / texture

binding with padded hard cover

Paper Type

An important point to consider when it comes to types of digital albums is the type of paper. Aspects not only like the grammage, but the paper type and chemical treatment to which he has been subjected.

    • Photographic paper: The sheets are flatter so recommended for two-page photos. The colors are more intense and vivid. Greater resistance to wear and the passage of time. Revealed by chemical process.
    • coated paper: it is that of classic digital printing, with a fine finish and greater durability. It is what is used for magazines, catalogs and brochures.
    • satin paper: or coated paper. It is a very smooth and soft paper that is halfway between glossy and matte, which is why it is used a lot when there is a lot of text content.
    • Anti-fingerprint paper


Different types of paper also allow for different finishes. Mind you, not all of them.

You already know these, but we remind you of the characteristics of each one:

  • Shine: enhances color and shine. It is more suitable for small sizes because it reflects the light quite a bit and the prints are more marked.
  • Mate: more realistic colors, does not stick to the crystal, leaves less of a mark and does not reflect light.

Cover and spine

The cover and spine will be the first thing you see of the album.

Most of the pages that allow you to create digital photo albums, the options varied for this layout as well.

Think less is more, so sometimes a title and a date may be enough, depending on the texture or type of cover you’ve chosen.

You can also use a special photo as a summary

Interior design

The interior design of digital albums is very varied. It can be from a pre-created templates that you only have to fill in with your photos and texts, a completely blank prototype with image spaces, text and other add-ons that you can freely drag.

Usually, digital album websites allow you to mark the images within their pages in a variety of options and in different formats, being able to put photos on a full page size or two pages, or in other formats that can be more interesting for children’s albums, com geometric shapes various: stars, hearts, circles…

types of designs and papers for digital photo albums

Many also allow you to use lettering (different fonts), emojis and other small drawings and illustrations to give it more style scrapbook


As you can see, there are many types of albums, and it depends a lot on the type of project you are going to create, the choice of the cover, the type of paper, the interior design…
Of course, the most recommended and common thing when creating your digital photo album is to follow the rule of “less is more”even if it’s greedy to post a bunch of photos because “it’s the same price”.

We always recommend looking online, especially on sites like Pinterest, for examples of digital photo albums made by other people, so you can see different styles and copy or adapt the ones that interest you the most.

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