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▷ Counterfeit Auto Parts: how to detect them?

How to identify fake spare parts for vehicles?

How does an original car or motorcycle part differ from a fake one?

What to pay attention to? detect forgeries of vehicle parts?

What are the odds that the car oil is fake?

What are the more counterfeit spare parts, fluids or engine components?

how to spot counterfeit car parts

Tricks to Detect Forgeries

Counterfeiting and the sale of counterfeit goods is one of the pitfalls of modern commerce. Counterfeit literally everything: clothes, electronics, food.

The car parts market is not free from this problem either. The Avtopro.es marketplace states that any randomly selected product in some product categories may result false with a probability of 30%.

Especially often counterfeiters are dedicated to “working” with oils, optics and filters. So, the question that interests us all is… Is it possible distinguish counterfeit parts and chemicals of the branded product? Find out how (and how to avoid it) below:

Compare prices

Most counterfeit replacement parts are now sold in small stores, markets and online retailers. Even before physically inspecting (that is, in vivo and live) the desired piece, you can do a simple check: compare the price of the desired product with other stores.

Try to calculate an average price in the market. If the piece you want is 20-30% cheaper than its counterparts in other stores, it is very likely to be a fake.

Quality of the workforce

Another way to detect which pieces are or could potentially be fakes is to examine the geometry of the piece and also check the normal quality of the material’s workmanship.

For example, a fake piece of rubber-metal It usually has rubber accumulation, cracks and chipped metal.

Quality of the packaging

The packaging must have a trademark, clearly legible inscriptions and a quality label.

Compare the packaging with that of other stores to verify that it is the same.

distinguish and avoid counterfeit oils

Security features

The safety features usually appear on the packaging and, less frequently, on the item itself.

These are holograms, alphanumeric codes and/or QR codes. Safety features are not used by all manufacturers, so please check before purchase.


Many spare parts are supplied with gaskets, lubricants, clamps and other accessories. If it’s supposed to be in the box, but there’s nothing more than a replacement part, it’s most likely a fake.

Check the reliability of the website or seller

Another more general indicator is to verify the reliability and security of the online store.

The time it has been open, if it has a provision for a customer service number or if it has been difficult to find it, the history of the page, its fiscal data, the names and surnames of the people in charge ( you can look for this data on Linkedin for example). ), see the opinions of your customers inside and outside your page (that the opinions inside them may be manipulated)… You can see more indicators of whether a website is potentially fraudulent or not in this article.

On the other hand, if it is a used or new product for a private individual, make sure that the page that media for sale provides you with some type of security. In recent times Stealing accounts of reputable users has become popular within this type of platform to commit fraud.

Avoid online shopping, or do so with caution

As experts point out, counterfeit products can recognize much better in physical stores than on the Internet.

When shopping online, it’s a good idea ask the seller for a current photo of the product. Therefore, you can ask him to place something specific in the same photo (for example a fork) to make sure that it is a photo taken at that moment and not an old photo or taken from the Internet.

headlights and fake car spare parts

If it is a mechanic shop or workshop, in the best case, the store itself will verify the authenticity of the merchandise. It is not profitable for the store to sell counterfeits and lose the trust of its customers, so with how expensive it is to maintain a physical business, it is unlikely that they will risk it.

In any case, it must be clarified that although it is also possible that they themselves have carried out you shop online and then resell in your business. However, the driver must be cautious and thoroughly inspect each item before purchasing.

Scrap parts

Some parts of the car, such as beams, alternators, mirrors and trunk lids, have a long useful life. The driver can take them from the drains, saving on the purchase of the originals, new or used.

Finally, we advise you not to buy a fake, no matter how good it looks. First, it probably serves less than the original or others brands that are legally dedicated to producing generic and reliable replacement parts.

Second, if the responsible part of the car is a fake, the operation of the car will not be safe.

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