▷ Costumes and Sex: why are they a perfect combination?

Is it a good idea to dress up for sex?

What kind of experience can I have dressing up to have sex?

Can I have sex with a prostitute wearing a costume?

Is it normal for me to get excited about undressing?

sex with mascara and costumes

Why dress up to have relationships?

Some say sex is better when you take your clothes off. But why stop there? When costumes and masks are added to the mix, things get a lot more interesting.

The moment you put on a costume, it’s like you enter another world where anything can happen, and no one will ever know who that person really is.

And isn’t that what everyone wants in the leg? ?Put aside your inhibitions and be someone else for a night? In Argentina, costumes for enjoying sex with escorts in Rosario are a perfect match, as Rosario women and men are known to dress up a lot when they go out.

Uninhibit and let yourself go

There are many reasons why an uninhibited person is attractive. An uninhibited person is freer, has a better time and than probably He’s not going to judge you.

Another reason is that the uninhibited person has a more positive view of life and everything as an opportunity to have fun (including queuing at the supermarket). These positive feelings can be contagious.

When you were uninhibited, it was easy to make friends because people would want to go out with you: you were funny. You weren’t boring! And when your friends see how much fun you’re having, they’ll also start to loosen up and have more fun, and then those other people will get in on the action too (for example, when a friend insists on going out to dance all ends of). week with his new new).

If sex were no less than getting dressed (and vice versa), wouldn’t we all do both things more often?

In fact according to this article from the Colombian media week he explains that Colombians in their sexual relations take an average of 47 minutes, something that could be prolonged quite a bit with the use of costumes and other toys that lengthened the preliminaries, giving a script twist to the exchange.

A disguise can be liberating

A costume can be a way of expressing yourself. A disguise can be a way to show your true self. It can also be a disguise that allows you to explore an identity that you don’t normally explore in everyday life. The one you don’t dare try or be.

In this way, it is possible to see costumes and sex as two sides of the same coin: both ways of expressing oneself at the same time as hiding behind something that is more than the same.

In many ways, most of the time these types of costumes, whether purchased or homemade costumes, are liberating as they allow you and your sexual companion (or companions) to let your guard down and feel comfortable with the ‘other without revealing too much about who you are as individuals.

When we are in public, we wear socially acceptable clothes that allow us to blend in with everyone around us and give a specific image.

However, at home or at work, many people choose to wear what they want without taking into account what others may think about it, but when it comes time to play with your partner(s), these rules can get back into play by dressing together before heading out into the world again together.

Others, only in intimacy can they free themselves and dress and make up in the way they really feel, like many and many transsexuals, or in a way they like to experience and express themselves, as with DragQueens.


A door to fantasy

It can be a door to a new me – I can walk in the door in my old jeans and T-shirt, but once I put on the costume, it’s like I’ve stepped into another dimension where everything is possible. It’s like being in Disneyland or Disney World; There is no way you will go back to your old life after visiting these places!

Costumes can be a gateway to a new relationship because they allow us to escape our everyday lives and become someone else, someone who is more exciting than we really are (or think we are). When we talk together, we can try out different personalities and identities with our partners.

On the other hand, if we dress up to have casual sex, or hire the services of sex workers, it is also very liberating.

Role-playing games and transforming the personality

When you put on a costume, you temporarily transform into someone else. And although the transformation can be physical (no more glasses or no more belly!), it is also psychological.

You’ve passed yourself off as someone else, and that can make you feel bolder out of the ordinary with your partner or the girl you are having sex with in Suba (Colombia) or another Latin American country, where also very popular hotels by the hourwhich are often decorated with different themes that make it easier to play and fantasize much more.

This should open up role-playing games with the possibility of feeling like a different person sexually, which can lead to new experiences for both of you during sex.

For example, it is a fairly popular practice to dress up as a pet and behave as such, so that, in this role-playing game, the other person is your owner, who takes care of you, feeds you, pampers you and also punishes you if you misbehave…

sexual fantasies and roles: cat costume

Feel more comfortable with your body

This is the main reason why people adore them, especially those who feel fulfilled by their body.

Costumes can help you overcome this fear and embrace your curves, with their “imperfections” and everything that your tax asks you to accept. In fact, many people who have never worn a costume discovered that it helps them to have more confidence in themselves and their bodies.

There’s no better way to feel sexy than wearing something that makes you look good. Wearing a costume will give you more confidence to show off your body in new ways, in this case dressing up as someone else (but letting people know it’s still *you*). You might even laugh at yourself because of how funny you think the costume is on *you* instead of on another person.

If it’s the first time you wear costumes, it’s important to know how it can affect your body image.

Costumes allow you to set aside social restrictions on your physical appearance and express yourself in a new way. People who have struggled with body dysmorphia and eating disorders have found that dressing up has helped them feel more comfortable in their own skin, while adding an element of power play to sex.

You might be thinking, “Wow, isn’t that a little creepy?” Well… yes! But isn’t that the goal? Costumes are meant to provoke a reaction in those who see them, and once they start seeing people dressed like that everywhere and make this practice more and more common, then their feelings about it will also change over time. In fact, many people already dress up or have been dressing up for Halloween.

Although costumes and sex may seem like an odd combination, there is actually a lot of overlap between the two. Costumes serve to make you feel comfortable with yourself (and with your body) in a way that you couldn’t do without them. This can be especially valuable for people who have some type of body shame or anxiety about their appearance.

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