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▷ 7 Tips for taking Food Supplements

What are food supplements for?

How to combine nutritional supplements?

What should I know before taking food supplements?

?How and can you take food supplements?

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Tips for taking food supplements

As a result of age, genetics or routines in which a sedentary lifestyle, work stress and an impoverished diet due to the increase in processed food or of low nutritional quality are increasingly prevalent, our organism may resent and suffer some vitamin imbalances. .

The very circumstances that create the problem make it difficult to solve and, too often, we postpone the search for a remedy at the expense of being tired, grumpy and discouraged.

Without embargo, more and more people are relying on food supplements as a allies to reestablish their physical state and their emotional harmony.

Due to the growing concern to achieve a healthy lifestyle, the offers of this type of product have multiplied in recent years. however, the reliability of many of them is scarce because they are promoted with confusing and misleading advertising or by brands and companies of dubious endorsement.

In order to combat this misinformation, we want to provide some useful information to understand what these products are and what they are for; so you can make one responsible consumption of food supplements

Look at its components

Food supplements are a concentrated source of nutrients that, thanks to their composition based on vitamins, minerals and amino acidsthey generate a series of nutritional or physiological effects that help improve our general well-being.

According to the origin of its ingredients, we can distinguish the complements plant, animal or mineral origin.

This fact must be taken into account when choosing one or another add-on considering your dietas some particular brands or products may not be compatible with vegan, gluten-free diets, etc.

Its function is clear

The consumption of food supplements can be used for correct deficiencies caused by some disorderor that prevents the adequate absorption of nutrients (such as intestinal problems or intolerance to certain foods); or how energy support in specific circumstances. An example of it are certain situations that generate high levels of stress, periods of insomnia or repeated physical exertion.

In addition, its use allows strengthen the quality and strength of the immune systemespecially important for population groups more likely to present certain nutritional deficiencies (such as the elderly, pregnant, lactating or menopausal women).

Consider when is the best time to take them

In the same way as with some medicines, your doctor recommends that you take them at a certain time of the day, to improve their absorption; or take them in a certain way, something happens with food supplements.

Some components are more easily assimilated by our body if taken on an empty stomach, others together with food, or even X hours before eating or drinking.

Give an example, the nutrients of probiotics they are absorbed much better if taken before a meal. The fibershalf an hour before the main meals and accompanied by a glass of water.

woman taking a pill of some food supplement

Supplements that are best taken together (or not)

Many people do not know it, but there are several vitamin supplements or foods that need to be taken together with another or others to activate its function and that the organism seems to them and incorporates into the body.

On the other hand, too there are combinations that reduce effectiveness, inhibiting complement absorption.


Here are some vitamin supplements that work best or depending on what goes with them:

  • ✅ Iron together with Vitamin C (or foods rich in Vitamin C)
  • ❌ Iron together with caffeine, theine, cola drinks, chocolate, dairy products and some nuts
  • ✅ Calcium together with Vitamin A, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Boron
  • ❌ Calcium together with caffeine, theine and chocolate.
  • ✅ Vitamin A with Vitamin C and E
  • ✅ Essential fatty acids (wheat germ, borage, linseed oil) with vitamin E
  • ✅ Vitamin D with exposure to the sun’s rays for 10 minutes a day
  • ✅ Vitamins A, D, E and K accompanied by fatty foods (vegetable oil, avocado, queso gras)

It should be noted that the amount of food and components that inhibit the absorption of iron and calciumso that they do not affect its absorption do not consume 2 hours after taking the supplements. You also don’t have to drink coffee, tea and cocoa 2 hours before consumption.

Even if you don’t take iron or calcium supplements, this too it affects you when you eat foods rich in iron or calcium, such as broccoli or almonds. For what if you were vegan or vegetarianor if you consume a high volume of nuts and vegetables, it is very important that you also respect this recommendation for not have problems with anemia or calcium deficiency.

but foods or compounds that inhibit the absorption of certain minerals

Allies, not substitutes

It is essential to understand that these products provide an extra boost to our well-being but in no case can they be assumed as substitutes for a balanced and healthy diet.

Rather, for their maximum consumption, the consumption of these dietary products must be accompanied by a healthy diet (rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes) as well as the performance of a regular physical activity that guarantees a active metabolism

Remember that it must not replace a medication, or including a meal, with a food supplement. Download under any circumstances.

complete and healthy breakfast with fruits and oats

Medical advice

As you can see, knowing how it works and in which cases its consumption is more convenient is essential to get the best out of it. Therefore, always consult a professional what amounts and frequency are appropriate for your nutritional needs.

Setting the right dose is important; because an abusive or uncontrolled consumption can cause the opposite effect to what we are pursuing, and end up being harmful to health. In addition, it is necessary to inform our general practitioner about their intake when we are undergoing any pharmacological treatment to avoid that they may represent a negative interference

Don’t expect miracles

Don’t expect miracles just for taking a pill a day, or whatever, of vitamins and food supplements.

Keep in mind that its purpose is to compensate for those specific faults that your body has; give them a shot to rebalance. So in order not to depend on them, I would have to analyze your diet, your habits and your environment to see how to naturally cover the lack of these nutrients.

Sometimes these decisions and habits go far beyond details such as food or exercise.

They often have to do with repressed emotional states, sources of stress that we generate ourselves or externally by the type of life we ​​lead; which causes our organism to become unbalanced and we ask for warning signs so that we take cards in the matter.

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