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▷ 7 Tips for choosing the best slot machine

How to choose a good slot machine?

I would like to know strategies and tips for choosing which slots to play.

What slots do I have? more likely to win?

What are the best slots to win money at the casino?

Which tricks to choose the winning slot machine are true and which ones are lies?

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Tips for choosing the best slot machine

Sometimes it happens that when you start playing slot machines you have the impression that you are already qualified to differentiate yourself as the best of them all.

By “the best slot” we mainly mean the machine (either physical or virtual) that gives the impression of give more coins than he receivesat least for a specific period of time.

There are many theories about how to know which is the perfect slot, that is, the one with which you win the most money. Many people believe that it is solely a matter of the sun, others believe that the temperature of the machine can indicate whether it is close to a jackpot, or including that it introduces cold coins conditioning the slot to pay earlier.

These are urban legends with little (no) basis that we do not recommend. Therefore, we are going to give some advice or tips to consider when choosing a slot machine, either in a casino or game room or on a website and We will also deny all those urban laws.

Below are our tips for choosing the best arcade machine:

This is how slot machines work

The first thing you need to understand about slot machines is how they determine winning moves.

These types of arcade games use a program called a Random Number Generator (Random number generator, RNG) that generates numbers constantly. These numbers determine where the roller will stop the next time you spin it.

It must be taken into account that this process is completely random, so There is no way to predict what will happen on any roll specifically

extra security with two-factor or two-step authentication

It should also be noted that each roll is a separate event. This means that the results of previous rolls have no effect on the next roll.

Once this is clear, we will tell you how to choose the best slot machine. Here’s what to look for or consider to discern what’s best for you:

Choose a legal and trustworthy casino

It’s no use winning a jackpot if you can’t transfer the money to your bank account afterwards or if you’ve had trouble getting paid due to the conditions listed after 5 stars.

Therefore, first of all, and especially before you start playing in an online casino, we advise you to if you played slots in a casino in Spainassures you that it is a legal, reliable and safe casino.

Therefore, we recommend that you use this licensed operator search engine, as it is the official search engine of the General Directorate of Gaming Regulation (DGOJ) to ensure that everything is in order and you play without added risks.

In addition, we also recommend that we show you a good view on the page, that you try to contact your customer service and seek recommendations about the same.

The RTP and the bank advantage

The first fact to consider is that random number generators are programmed in such a way that the casino always has a mathematical advantage unsalvageable

If you play a slot too long, the casino will win, because that’s the way the game is programmed. What has to be taken into account is what percentage of benefit the casino has in each slot.

Therefore, RTP means Return to Player or “return to player” and expresses the amount of money wagered by all returning players in the form of prizes. It is represented as a percentage that usually ranges between 90 and 99%. Being pues de between 1% and 10% the profit of the house.

how to get the most out of online casino bonuses and promotions: conditions and restrictions

This information should be public and you should find it on the website of your trusted casino, as casinos must state the RTP percentages of all their games.

On the other hand, “la banca siempre gana” does not mean that you cannot become a winner in a short period of time, but it has nothing to do with choosing a “hot” or cold machine (a machine where you have already played for a long time). time or not).

That is to say, that because a machine has been unpaid for a long time, it does not mean that it is about to release a prize, and that another machine has just given a prize, does not mean that it will not go to another one soon.

Choose a slot with a high payout frequency

On the other hand, there are two types of slot: those that pay small amounts but very frequently, and those that pay large amounts but every so often.

Unless your goal is to win a very large amount of money (because it has enough liquid to go for it), we recommend that you choose the slot machines that pay more often because with it you will have more chances to win.

In the table below, you will see more clearly:

High Frequency of Payments Low Frequency of Payments
Payoff (no. of coins) % Paid on the total Payoff (no. of coins) % Paid on the total
2 20% 2 10%
10 49% 5 10%
20 25% 10 25%
100 1% 15 32%
1000 18%
Total Paid 95% 95%

If we take a look at the payoffs, we will realize that both slots with a high payout frequency and those with a low frequency have a 95% return, meaning that they will return 95% of the coins played in total.

However, in high frequency ones 94% is achieved in the first 20 runs, while in the others with 20 plays we would only achieve a 77% return on our investment. In the short term, those with high payment frequency are no longer suitable.

You can tell if a slot machine is of one type or another by looking at the payouts section of most online casino websites, where the winnings that have been made on the different slots appear minute by minute. games

Avoid progressive machines

This tip is related to the previous one.

Progressive slot machines are the ones that give bigger jackpots and are also the ones that pay less often, regardless of the % return to the player they have.

What many people do not know is that they are interconnected each other Playing a progressive machine with the goal of hitting the jackpot can be very tempting though the chances of winning it are the same as winning the lottery, since there are many people betting on the same one to get that unique jackpot.

jackpot in online casinos

Another factor to consider is that to qualify for the progressive jackpot, most of these slots force you to bet the maximum amountsince this is a minimum of €1, in terms of investment it is very large, and so is the risk.

If what you want is to go for it, keep this fact in mind since it is very likely that you will not earn much money, or that your available money will run out too quickly.

Play casino slots, not bars

This is a good tip to keep in mind: slot machines in airports and bars usually have one much lower pay rate to those of physical casinos and online casinos.

In the latter, the return percentage ranges from 95% to 99%, while physical slot machines in other types of premises have a 50% to 75% return or RTP.

How NOT to choose a slot machine

Finally, let’s disprove some tricks to choose the best slot machine that are not true, they are better urban laws:

  • The system of zig zag. This trick suggests looking at the reels of the slots looking for a pattern. For example: looking for a “V” or “X” shape among the symbols on the reels is supposed to mean that the machine is ready to pay soon. Of course this makes no sense as the slots are not ready to pay or ‘hot’ because each roll is a separate event and as we explained above.
  • The machine temperature indicate if it’s hot for the jackpot as well. Whether the machine is hot or not will depend more on the ambient temperature and/or its situation. Besides, that doesn’t mean anything.
  • Machines located in isolated or hidden areas. This will hardly be true.
  • The time of day influences the payoffs in physical casinos. Casino slot machine chips cannot be manipulated remotely, and it would not be feasible for an operator to go out to change at different times of the day.
  • To introduce cold coins in the machines they make you pay in advance. This, as you can imagine, has no basis.

You can see more fake tricks and myths about slots that are not true in our article 13 False Tricks and Urban Legends of Slots.

Rate the slot’s gameplay and additional options

In addition to considering which slot machine is more or less likely to win money on a slot, it is important to consider the gameplay of the slot.

This is: how fun it is, its originality, its graphics, its theme, and also whether or not it has bonus phasesif it has many reels or not, if it has multiple play options…

slot minigame there you are

If you want to learn more about these additional options that some slots have, we recommend reading our article on How to win more on slots for all the complete information.

After all, slots are an entertainment game, so you have to search have a good time regardless of whether it makes money or not.

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