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▷ 7 Essential Requirements that must be met to Travel to Cuba

What requirements must be taken into account to travel to Cuba?

What documentation and permits are required for power in Cuba?

Is travel insurance necessary to travel to Cuba? And vaccines?

What other particularities should I know about Cuba? What plugs do they use?

requirements and necessary documentation to travel to Cuba as a tourist

Requirements to travel to Cuba:

Cuba remains one of the most special destinations to travel to. Although things change over time, for better or for worse the island’s lifestyle remains in many ways, standing still in time.

For this reason we always recommend visit Cuba the sooner the betterso if you are evaluating this option, we encourage you to choose this tourist destination, whether you have planned to do a backpacking road trip or a tourist trip with greater comforts.

Next, we explain what to consider when traveling to Cuba. This information is important so that you can define your trip, i know the additional costs of traveling to Cuba associated with the special requirements for entry to this country of the Caribbean Sea Antilles:

Important! Before buying flights:

Unless you have Cuban nationality, the first thing you have to do before even buying a flight to Cuba is to find out what documents and permits you need to enter: visa, travel insurance, passport, entry form…

Note that flights have to be bought well in advance to have time to request and process everything that is necessary.

Before you buy your flights, it will also be necessary for you to know How long do you have a tourist permit? legal in the country. In the case of Spain, it is 30 days extendable, if certified by the Migration Authorities once you are in Cuba.

requirements and recommendations for traveling to Cuba

Even if you have the nationality of one of the countries that does not require a visa to enter Cuba (you can see the list of countries that do not require a Visa in the next section), you will also need to find out how many days you can stay in the country at most, since this is independent of the visa.

Some of them have permits of 28 or 30 days and others of up to 90 days, it is clear that in their case, as they do not need a visa, they can always travel to a neighboring country, such as Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, and return to enter Cuba thus renewing his tourist permit.

Necessary documentation and permits

These are the documents, permits and conditions that you need to comply with in order to enter Cuba legally:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa*
  • passport
  • Digital entry form in Cuba
  • Reservation / Address of accommodation in Cuba

*The unique ones countries that do not require a Tourist Visa to travel to Cuba son: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Dominica, Grenada, Macedonia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Mongolia, Namibia, San Cristóbal y Nieves, Santa Lucia, San Vicente y las Granadinas, Serbia and Singapore.

Below we explain in greater detail some of these requirements and how to obtain them:

Mandatory Travel Insurance

Maybe you didn’t know it, but to travel to Cuba it is mandatory to take out travel insurance. This insurance must also have COVID-19 coverage for medical expenses in case of coronavirus infection, medical transfer or repatriation and for the costs arising from the extension of the stay due to quarantine.

You will see that there are different types of insurance, and that most include the option to hire trip cancellation insurance which covers the reimbursement of the same if you contract the insurance with a maximum of 7 days from the date on which you buy the flights.

But you should know that in others, like this international travel insurance for Cuba, the optional trip cancellation coverage includes the refund of the reservation in the event of cancellation. including if more than 7 days have passed from your reservation of the same.

mandatory travel insurance to enter Cuba

I CALL: sometimes, some credit cards have travel insurance if the flights to these destinations have been paid for with them. So if you don’t know if your cards cover it, find out!

What do I need to apply for a visa for Cuba?

For a while the option of obtaining a visa on arrival was enabled for those entering the country from Havana airport, the visa service “on arrival” is no longer operational.

Currently, to request an entry visa to Cuba, you will need to apply to the embassy/consultado from Cuba your country (In Spain, through the Consulates of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Canarias or Seville).

You can also request it through an agency for managing them in exchange for a commission, although if you contract any of their services you are likely to be included for free.

To apply for the visa you will need:

  • Passport in order
  • Return ticket
  • Reservation of accommodation in Cuba
  • Copy of travel insurance (see previous section)
  • Payment of the visa amount and shipping costs and proceed.

Cuba entry form

The entry form to Cuba can be in two formats:

  • In digital formatby obtaining a QR by filling in the same on the Dviajeros platform
  • Paper form ease during the trip

This was implemented in 2022 QR to replace forms physical ones that will be delivered on the plane, so you can fill in the documents during the trip, but we recommend that you do it beforehand and in digital form to have a greater knowledge of the requirements and not have to be looking for or asking for a pen to to fill it out during the trip (it usually happens).

customs control in Cuba

This form informs passengers of everything they need to take into account facilitate their passage through the various entry controls in the country.

By filling in the form on the Dviajeros platform, you will be able to download it pdf that you will have to print. You will also need to bring the Generated QR as it will be required for entry.

Recommended vaccinations

As you can deduce from the above points, no vaccine is required specific to travel to Cuba. We don’t want the COVID-19 vaccines.

Anyway, yes it is recommended have the following 3 vaccines up to date:

  • Tetanus and Diphtheria
  • Hepatitis A
  • Triple viral vaccine

You can visit this article on vaccinations for travel to Cuba if you need more information about what protections each vaccine offers you and whether you have any in your vaccination record.

Customs restrictions

Another important thing to keep in mind are the customs regulations regarding what type of products we can bring into the country and in what quantity. This is especially important since many people take advantage of travel to Cuba with gifts for their relatives, or for their relatives from their friends or acquaintances.

Or they want to take things to present to the people they find there, since it is difficult for them to have access to certain imported products.

The best thing in this regard is to travel with items designed for you, since customs regulations are quite strict regarding gifts for Cuban citizens.

Those passengers who are not national residents or are used to the category of tourists, must declare their belongings through the declaration of value or non-commercial temporary operation model. This includes the declaration of the value of joy, works of art, decorative art items, household appliances or durables and others, temporary importation is allowed.

The entry of food of animal origin and other articles between the figure, for example literature or obscene objects or considered pornographic, is prohibited.

Regarding this, we recommend that you visit the website of the General Customs of the Cuban Republic as well as other articles where customs restrictions on import and export are addressed in more detail.

Other recommendations

Finally, we provide you with a list of additional recommendations for useful things to do in Cuba, since once there it will probably not be easy to have access to many of the comforts of your country, or it is likely that some things will work differently:

  • Complete travel kit (medicines, compresses, preservatives…)
  • Plug/voltage adapter (if needed)
  • SIM for internet connection (at the airport or in one of its cities)
  • Change your currency to local currency (CUP) at your hotel, restaurants or shops to give you a higher conversion at the airport and banks.

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