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▷ 67 Ideas for Wrapping Gifts 【Very Original】| Tricks and Tricks

How to wrap original gifts at home?

I want to make my own gift wrapping paper.

I’m looking for ideas to make original gift wrap to pack

I want to know how to wrap Christmas presents in an original way.

ideas for wrapping gifts in an original way

Gift wrapping ideas:

To wrap your gifts in the most original way you have to do two things: choose or make a nice wrapping paper and add some details to finish decorating the package.

For this reason, we gave you ideas for both make original wrapping paperas for these little ornaments: ties, tags, stamps and other details you can’t imagine. Look, look:

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The most original wrapping paper

If you want to give a different gift, a fun and original gift wrap will make the person receiving the gift excited before opening it. Below you can see several original wrapping paper ideas that you can make:

original gift paper made with face cutouts

Instructions: cut out eyes, mouths and other facial features from magazines and illustrations. Line the packages with white paper or brown wrapping paper and glue them in the arrangement you like best.

original gift wrap made with a map and a button

Instructions: use maps or road atlas pages as wrapping paper. Also, instead of tying a bow, try using a button and string. source

original gift wrap: gift wrapping paper bag

Instructions in English.

original gift paper made with children's drawings

Instructions: use children’s drawings made with markers, crayons or paints as paper to wrap gifts. You can also use magazine sheets. Then add some of the embellishment details below (bows, tags, etc.). source

original gift paper made with rubber bands

Instructions: choose white sheets or brown packaging paper as the base paper. Then use stickers, gummies and other stickers to make fun patterns and figures.

original gift paper with cut out flowers

Instructions: choose white sheets or brown packaging paper as the base paper. Draw on post-its or cardboard the colors you prefer, flowers like the ones you see coming or the ones you like the most. Cut and glue them onto the gift wrapping paper of your choice, tracing the cuts directly onto the paper. source

original gift wrap made from newspaper

Instructions: write the name of the person for whom the gift is intended in large size in Word. Choose the typeface that you like best (in this case it is Helvética. Print the sheet and trace the letters with newspaper on it. You can also trace with the paper directly on the screen if you cannot print. Remember the letters and stick them on smooth paper Add other decorative details (you can see original ideas below).

original gift paper simulating a letter soup

Instructions: draw by hand on a white canvas that will serve as wrapping paper for a letter soup or make it in word and print it on several sheets. Hide words like the name of the person that comes to mind.

original gift wrap made with a pastel blonde

Instructions: reuse the ribbons to decorate dessert and pastel dishes and use it to decorate your gifts in an original way, fixing them on a smooth canvas with thread. You can write the names of the recipients on it.

Another way to present an original gift is to wrap it with purchased gift paper but doing it in an original way, with this Japanese paper folding technique, origami:

You can also deliver your gift with a shirt and tie-shaped wrapper, ideal for Father’s Day:

Seals and Tampons

Another way to decorate gift wrapping paper is to make your own patterns with stamps and stamps. You can design the drawings yourself or print them from the Internet and cut a potato in halfso that you can dip the embossed part in ink and stamp it on the paper.

Here’s a tutorial for making your own potato cap:

There are several more example designs:

gift wrapping paper with handmade prints

21. Painted stripes from Live laugh rowe, 22. Handmade Christmas wrapping from Eat sleep cuddle, 23. Printed paper from Genine’s art blog, 24. Pinos pintados y cinta phosphorita from Vorstellung von schön (blog deleted), 25. Dibujos hechos a mano by Minieco, 26. Red handmade print by Duni’s Studio, 27. Reindeer silhouette print by Chelsea Costa via Poppytalk, 28. Chalk calligraphy by Anna Taylor, 29. White dots by Factory Direct Craft , 30. Glitter in dots and lines from CRAFT

Ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

Ok, you can use any kind of gift wrapping paper from the ones you see in this post to wrap your Christmas or Christmas gifts, however, it always looks nicer and more appropriate for the occasion if it is decorated with Christmas motifs.

There are several examples of wrapping paper and ideas for wrapping gifts with crafts that you can do yourself wrap Christmas presents:

ideas for wrapping Christmas presents with wrapping paper and other decorations

You can see the instructions for making these Christmas wrapping paper by clicking: 30 Original Ideas for Wrapping Christmas Gifts

do you want to see more crafts for Christmas? Here you have them: 136 crafts and ornaments for Christmas.

Wrapping with recycled materials

Let’s dedicate a short section to some recycled materials (reused, better said) with which you can wrap your Christmas presents. There are basically two: the toilet paper cardboard tubes, for small gifts:

reusing a toilet paper carton to turn it into a gift wrap

And the tetrabricks, which will serve as a box for larger gifts:

Ties to add to the package:

Regardless of the wrapping paper you use, the bows are always very colorful and finish dressing up the gift giving it that cool touch. There are many types and the best of all is that you can make them yourself.

Here are several ideas for wrapping gifts in an original way using bows:

paper and fabric bows to decorate gifts

11. Neon color paper bow from How about orange, 12. Recycled paper bow from Alan Chao, 13. White and black bow from Copy cat chic, 14. Paper bow 15. Black velvet bow from Jones Design Company, 16 .Red and white fabric bow 17. Simple bow with cord from Haikaranpesä Kodiksi, 18. Glitter bow from Brunch at saks, 19. Giant bow from Gray luster girl, 20. Decorative white bow from Boxwood clippings.

Video tutorial to make the typical lasso:

Tags, pompoms, twigs and other decorations

Okay, now you have your super original wrapping paper. Now to also have a personalized gift wrap for the person it’s addressed to, just make some cards or cut-outs where you can put their name or some other embellishment if you don’t like the typical bows we’ve seen before.

For example:

Instructions: with the paper of a muffin or cupcake you can make a pom pom for this very original gift.

idea for wrapping gifts in an original way with flowers

Instructions: Make a composition by drawing different shapes of flowers and leaves on pastel colored cardboard. Then stick them on top of each other and stick them on the gift. source

idea to wrap gifts in an original way with hearts idea for wrapping gifts in an original way with stars idea to wrap gifts in an original way with a cloud of cardboard

Instructions: a star, a heart or a cloud? Draw what you like most on cardboard, cut it out, make a hole for a string to tie it to your gift and voila!

To make the origami heart, follow this video tutorial:

Another way to decorate gift wrapping is this: glue it twigs and other ornaments with plants. They look good especially on brown paper, the typical for packaging.

A rustic and natural touch, here you can see several ideas:

ideas to decorate gifts in an original way
1. Ribbon and green from The Penny Paper Co. 2. Pine branch with adhesive tape, 3. Olive branch tied with lefork string, 4. Black string, white sprinkles and twig 5. White string and green branch from Trendenser, 6. Mini wreath with label via Design Sponge, 7 Wreath made with Odessa May Society bush, 8. Various original ornaments with various leaves from Fox in the pine, 9. Pine and ribbon from Sunday Suppers, 10. Photo and twig.

You can also see other articles similar to 27 Advent Calendars that you can make in the section Decorate Recycling.

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