▷ +50 Original and Homemade Invitations for Weddings, Baptisms and Communions

How to make invitation cards for parties and events?

You want to make original and easy invitations

I would like to know how to make birthday, wedding, communion cards, etc

I’m looking for ideas for “Save the date” cards for a party, wedding, baby shower, or communion

original cards and invitations and houses with handicrafts, for weddings, baptisms and communions

Original and DIY Cards and Invitations Ideas:

One of the details of weddings, communions or any other event, which we often prefer to do ourselves children homemade invitations for weddings; since it is the first news that our guests will receive and it is always very exciting.

We’re still not overwhelmed with party planning, and we can save a lot of money by doing it ourselves. More than one personalized invitation always looks much better and it’s closer than receiving a standard invitation without any kind of grace.

Below you can see several invitation card ideas for various types of events that you can not do: weddings, baptisms, communions, baby showers…

Some of these save the date they are handmade (recommended only if you have few guests) and others have templates that you can adapt, customize and print. You can also send invitations online and save paper… Just the way you like it.

We hope that all these original and different invitations will surprise you and motivate you to do something unique.

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Wedding invitations

If you’re getting married soon, you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the amount of ideas out there for all kinds of DIY wedding favors. One of the first details for the wedding that you’re going to have to take into account is the invitations, and that’s it it will be the first thing your guests seebefore attending (or not) the ceremony.

For this reason, check the cards or invitations for your wedding, one of the details of your wedding that you want make at home; so below we show you the best original wedding invitation ideas we found.

Some of them are paper wedding cards, but many of the others that we have selected to be originalthey have very diverse formats, reusing objects or with various handicrafts.

🏆 But first… These are the wedding invitations more bought!

original and homemade invitations for diy weddings

  1. Invitation inspired by game of thrones. It is a chocolate egg that contains wedding information
  2. balloon that contains a small piece of paper with the wedding invitation inside
  3. Castaway bottle with a map inside
  4. Pastillas (jemmies) Bodorriolwith all the save the date information in the “medicine” leaflet
  5. Photo reel turned into a wedding invitation
  6. Printed balloon with the details of the wedding
  7. Cajita will appear with the details of the wedding
  8. Cut out characters to wear with the clothes in the link
  9. Tables of chocolate with the wrapping in wedding card format
  10. Ticket from lottery edited with photo and details to save the date
  11. “Come coconuts” made with origami with the time, place, label and other practical information of the recognition
  12. Assembly of periodical with the news of the wedding

original invitations and houses for weddings

  1. Wedding invitation with format of travel tickets
  2. DIY invitation in the form of tag with photos
  3. Super original invitation with the details printed on the label of one bag of rice
  4. ¡Card that can only be read with glasses of this color!
  5. wheel with the various important details to go to the link
  6. Save the date in format Calendar
  7. Original wedding invitation in the form of old cinema entrance
  8. Die-cut paper invitation
  9. Little card with the photos of the bride and groom when they were little
  10. Paper card with a lollipop heart shaped
  11. Invitation drawn with the timeline of the couple’s important events until the day of their marriage
  12. passport– wedding invitation

Invitations for Communions

Communion invitations are no longer the classic and boring they used to be. With the number of techniques there are for painting and using paper and other materials, you can make very original communion cards very easily.

In addition, it is certain that your son or daughter will be much more excited to do the same for them, to make their day much more special

🏆 But first… These are the invitations for communion more bought!

original invitations and houses for communions

  1. Card printed with tassels hanging
  2. Communion invitation in format analog street
  3. Communion card in the shape of sailor suit
  4. Original invitation in the form of palette with drawing
  5. Decoration detail of one cardboard card
  6. Communion invitation pack with bookmark, pencil and other school material
  7. Invitation format lottery ticket
  8. dream catchers with the communion information
  9. Card in the shape of bookmark with photos
  10. Invitation for communion with DVD with photos decorated
  11. Save the communion date with a photo polaroid
  12. Decoration for a homemade communion card with registered paper

Cards for Baptism or Baby Shower

The ideas below are for both milkshake and baby shower invitations.

We have collected the most original cards to invite your questions to your baby’s christening, or to the birthday party so that you have a memory worth keeping.

Most of them you can make yourself at home with crafts or by designing them with an online program for cards such as Canva; for other ideas you will need cardboard, scissors, glue and even balloons!

🏆 But first… These are the baptism invitations more bought!

original invitations and cases for milkshakes and baby showers

  1. Original and different invitation, with a photo cart analog edited with texts and photos in place of the negatives
  2. Baby shower invitation card in the shape of baby trajectory hanging from a hanger
  3. Baptism invitation painted with the eyes of one sleeping baby
  4. Christening card in the form of diaper
  5. Cardboard card in the shape of unicorn
  6. Simple invitation with baby footprints
  7. Original invitation card with a scratch-scratch for save the date details
  8. Baptism card with story drawings infantile
  9. Mini pop cone box photos as an invitation for a baptism
  10. Simple invitation with illustration baby clothes old
  11. Original and different invitation with a hot-air balloon in miniature
  12. Another version of a homemade invitation in the form of panties or diaper

Sources of the Images | Pinterest and CottonBird

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